February 15, 2013

Contest: PUMA Suede: 45 Years Fresh #ForTheStreet

The evolution of PUMA suede - from a pair of running shoes, to basketball shoes, and now a true street icon for 45 years. In 2013, Future Suede, its lite little brother is born.

Being a PUMA fan myself, I just can't wait to get a pair for myself!

The Future Suede retains the signature 1968 profile of the Classic Suede. It's light on weight, light on suede, and has some serious futuristic tweaks: a lightweight bottom, painted midsole, and neoprene tongue. Not only that, it's also decked out with PUMA Trinomic hexagons, heel clips, and eyelets. A varnished tonal nylon and synthetic suede Formstrip for an all-over ultramodern aesthetic. Heavy on heritage but easy on the ounces, comes at the right time when crowd surfing and club hopping requires the most minimal of baggage to be able to move at the speed of light.

This Spring-Summer 2013, PUMA marks The Suede's 45th year of changing the game and the release od the soon-to-be-legend, the Future Suede, with a massive celebration through contest, events, exhibitions, TV, and digital activities across Asia-Pacific.

To kick off 'Evolution of the Suede', PUMA is inviting their fans from all around the world to be part of the contests.

So you think you're good in designs? How about designing Puma Future Suede? It's ok if you're not into designing, read further as there's another contest just for you. :)

For the people who thinks that you are good in designing stuff, check out Puma's The 2058 Future Suede Designing Contest. It is to be an interpretation of future Suede in the year 2058.
1) Get the Suede template provided at http://go.puma.com/suedetemplate
2) Start designing
3) 30 top designs submitted to PUMA will be selected and exhibited

Begin on 18th January 2013 to 1st March 2013

A winning design will win the grand prize of PUMA products worth RM2,000, 2 VIP passes for the PUMA Evolution finale event, and meet & greet with artiste at the event

For people who are like me, who got not much talent in designing stuff, fear not, you can join the Classic Suede Instagram Contest.

1) Post pictures of your personal collection of the Suede, a photo of a favorite street icon, your design of the 2058 Future Suede, or even pictures with the iconic props available in PUMA outlets
2) Remember to add in this very important element in your post --> #ForTheStreet
3) A winner will be chosen weekly

Begin on 25th February 2013

*surprise* ;)

All the best and who knows you might be the lucky one :)

One Fighting Championship - Return of the Warriors

Apology for going missing for 2 weeks. Been super busy with work and personal stuff. Barely had enough sleep. =__=

It was my first time watching live Mixed Martial Arts Tournament.

VIP Entrance ;)

The One FC Cage

Experience of watching Mixed Martial Art Tournament for the first time: Awesome! Never knew it would be so 'gan jeong' (exciting). And yes, it's so brutal at the same time. Especially the one between Peter Davis and Leo Krishna. Krishna's lips actually was torn (that's what I saw from the screen) and Davis's leg has a deep cut as well. The doctor has to call a stop to the fight because of the injury. Throughout the fights, I've hold my breath a lot as the fighters punched their way / used their best strategy to victory.

Anyway, below are the fights on that night and the winners. :) (The pictures are taken from One FC Return of Warriors photo gallery)

Jake Butler (NCAA Division 1 Wrestler) vs Antoni Romulo (National Wrestling Champion)
Winner: Jake Butler

Gianni Subba (Top Malaysian MMA Prospect) vs Saiful "The Vampire" Merican (#1 Ranked WMA Featherweight)
Winner: Gianni Subba

AJ "Pyro" Lias Mansor (National Silat Champion) vs Jian Kai "The Headhunter" Chee (Malaysia Muay Thai Champion)
Winner: Jian Kai "The Headhunter" Chee

Raymond "The Rocket" Tiew (Malaysia Wushu Champion) vs Melvin "Overkill" Yeoh (South Malaysia Muay Thai Champion)
Winner: Melvin "Overkill" Yeoh

Thanh "Aladdin" Vu (Cage Fighting Specialist) vs Raymond Tan (Top Malaysian Bantamweight Contender)
Winner: Thanh "Aladdin" Vu

Zuli "The Shark" Silawanto (TPIFC Veteran) vs Adam "Shogun" Shahir Kayoom (World BJJ and Muay Thai Champion)
Winner: Adam "Shogun" Shahir Kayoom

Leo Krishna (BJJ Specialist) vs Peter Davis (UK CFC Champion)
Winner: Peter Davis

Vuyisile "The Cheetah" Colossa (Muay Thai Champion) vs Lowen Tynanes (X1 Lightweight Champion)
Winner: Lowen Tynanes

#1 Flyweight Contender Fight
Rey "The Punisher" Docyogen (URCC Pinweight Champion) vs Shinichi "BJ" Kojima (Shooto Bantamweight World Champion)
Winner: Shinichi "BJ" Kojima

Featherweight World Championship Title Fight
Honorio "The Rock" Banario (Lightweight Champion)


Eric "The Natural" Kelly (Philippines Featherweight Champion)

Winner: Honorio "The Rock" Banario

The event was One FC's second in Malaysia and fans were treated to a night of unforgettable action. A new One FC Featherweight Champion was crowned as Honorio Banario defeated Kelly in the fouth round as Banario won the battle with a punch that staggered Kelly. 

Jian Kai Chee and Melvin Yeoh advanced to the Malaysian National Featherweight Championship Tournament Final after winning this round.

One FC Ring Girl: Felixia Yeap and JiaLin Tye 

You can view more of the pictures here.

Do check out their website for more updates and details.

Last of all, yay to the press kit :)