June 14, 2014

Can you handle meeting your exes on the beach?

If you have no idea what is that, read my first post on MTV's Ex on the beach.

If you're just too lazy to go there... here... is a picture which is related to it.

And lucky me, I get a sneak peak of the next episode! *squeals!

What happens is, eight single guys and girls thought they are up for a dating show. As the show goes on, their exes show up one by one. Check out their reaction when they see their exes walking up the beach!

I noticed that first impression is not so important when it comes to the exes walking up the beach. Imagine your friend's ex is walking up the beach and before that they were telling you how much of a bad news are they. And *bam* instant bad impression. Although some people are not like that, they will judge the person when they meet them in person instead.

Sneak peak starts here:

*of course I won't reveal all the details. Where's the fun if I tell you everything??

First off, Ricci, Vicky's ex have just walked up to the beach last week. And they did not talk face to face for the whole episode. And he, is out with a date with someone, someone he claims to be his best date.

Secondly, Liam get to choose a lady out for a date. Because of who he decided to choose, it makes everyone turns on him, and even got into a fight! Who did he choose??

Third of all, someone needs to leave the group :(

And last of all, Ricci and Vicky finally meet face to face and talk. What's gonna happen during that period of time? More fights?

Besides all the drama, of course there are some who ends up in happy ending :D

Do check out MTV's Ex on the beach Season 1 Episode 8 airing on 15th June 2014 at 10pm!


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June 07, 2014

MTV Ex on the beach

Imagine yourself.. strolling along the beach with a hot chick / hunk.. you looking at her / him, while she / he looks back at you with heart melting smile.. walking while kicking the water and enjoying the sea breeze..

And all of the sudden!

You see your ex walking towards you. *heart skips for a beat*

What will you do?

a) walks towards the ex and shows her / him how happy you are right now
b) walks towards the ex... and pretend you don't know her / him
c) walks away / runs away
d) *stun*
e) walks up to her / him and say hi
f) walks up to her / him and ask him to get off the beach as this is my territory now!
g) *let me know what u will do by commenting below coz im curious...

OR, watch MTV's latest dating series, Ex on the Beach to see what happened when eight single guys and girls, thinking that this is just a dating show, BUT, *jeng jeng jeng* their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends started showing up.

So it's my first time watching this show, and oh! the British accent <3 and not forgetting the hot chicks and topless hunks *droools...* It did took me some time to figure out who is who and what's going on.

Anyway.. it all started when they moved into a villa on a beautiful Mediterranean paradise, and expecting some sizzling hot holiday romance. Then, slowly, their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends started showing up one by one, and oh my you should look at their faces when they see the ex-es.

I have never seen someone with so much hatred towards the ex-boyfriend. And it really got me thinking, what did he ever did (or never did) to deserve that intense hatred. The first thing the girl did was yell at the guy: "Get out!*

The relationships in this show, well, it's pretty messed up in a way. It's like, hey, I think I just found a new guy and move on, then, your ex shows up and wants you back. In reality, yes, it does happen. Some people will only realize what they have been missing, after they lose it.

Friendship. Well, they do look out for each other. But will their personality / relationships ruin their friendship after? I wonder.

Anyway do check out the next Season 1 Episode 7 airing on 8th June 2014!
Ex on the Beach airs every Sunday at 10pm.


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May 24, 2014

FJ Benjamin Warehouse Sale 2014

So.... seems like it had been quite a while since I updated my blog. It's because of....(comes out with a bunch of excuse).. Sorry everyone, actually I have been busy with my work and my boyfriend :p

Anyway, I just went to FJ Benjamin Warehouse Sales at Viva Home today.

I guess this is a heaven for people (especially girls :p) who loves shopping at a great discount!

There are brands like GUESS, GAP, Raoul, Banana Republic, La Senza etc.

Ta-daaa!!! These are my shopping haul for the day!! *and yes, i'm officially broke again T__T*

How much did I spent for all these? Total damage: RM610. (But it's totally worth it)

Below I'll briefly let you guys know what to expect.

I love GUESS heels to the max! After I got my first GUESS heels few years ago, I've never regret and I've always love their heels since then. Why? It's pretty and durable. Trust me when I say it's durable, because I wear em to party, clubbing, and even shuffles in them.

They have arranged the shoes according to size per table, so it's easy to know whether which design is available for the size.

How much for GUESS shoes? It's RM160 for two. (Usual price is at least RM200 and above for ONE)

There's heels from RAOUL as well, and it's cheaper than GUESS.

Next stop, I went to La Senza section as they just announced a special hourly sale. Yes, they have special hourly sales. They have separate each size in different table as well. There are different prices, and it can go to as low as RM10 for one bra. There's panties and sleepwear as well, but I didn't get any of those.

Got these 3 for RM90. (Not sure about the normal price cause I dont usually shop at La Senza)

Moving on, most of the items are apparels. For apparels, there's GUESS, GAP, Raoul, and Banana Republic. Raoul mostly are office apparels, so i didn't check it out. Others, there are dresses, tops, jeans, office apparels, and accessories.

There's buy one free one, RM60 for 2, RM100 for 2 etc etc.

Below I got a pair of GUESS jeans for RM150 (Original price is RM500, and I actually wanted to buy this a while back! :D), and 2 GAP jeans for RM100.

They have Buy 1 free 1 for Banana Republic tops. If one of the top is RM50, another is RM30, then the cheaper ones would be the free one.

And I got both of these GUESS tops for RM60.

There's GAP kids apparels as well.

Another section which I didn't mention is watch section. I wasn't looking for a watch, do I didn't check it out as well. Plus there are a lot of people standing around the table. There are bags as well, and it's quite cheap, but... I've just asked my sis to get me a bag recently so I didn't look at the bags as well.

Most importantly!! The sale has not ended yet! It's until tomorrow (25th May 2014).

Venue: Viva Home Expo Hall 2
Time: 10.00am to 7.00pm

p/s: if you're bringing your bag, they will wrap it up with a big plastic bag at the entrance.

For more information, check out this website.

Don't overspend like me k :p

November 14, 2013

Moonshine 8th Anniversary Music Marathon

I always do movie marathon but this is the first time i heard about music marathon!

Presented by Laundry Bar, here's Moonshine Eighth Anniversary Music Marathon!

Featuring 17 acts in one night only non-stop back to back performance on two different stages.

Moonshine is a local singer-songwriter movement that has strongly established its brand as the ultimate gig series for upcoming as well as established musicians for the past 8 years. This 8th anniversary music marathon promises an exhilarating music marathon featuring the best of local acts of a mixed genre that can be summed up by the lineups and the man himself, creator of Moonshine, Reza Salleh.

Below is the line up:
- Asmidar
- Anna Chong

- Reza Salleh
- Paladin
- Diandra Arjunaidi

- Darren Ashley

- Tenderfist
- Platform 11

- Quirky Qwerty
- Pastel Lite
- Liyana Fizi

- Tempered Mental

- Love Me Butch
- Emperor Obvious

- Arabyrd & Sona One
- Bassment Syndicate

The evening will be concluded with foot stomping beats with DJ Bunga from the famed Twilight Actiongirl.

Expect a carnival setting for the show with lots of singing, dancing, food, drinks and love for music.

Best of all, this music marathon is open for public for FREE :D

So again, the details for this event:
Venue: Laundry Bar @ The Curve Damansara
Date: 17 November 2013 (Sunday)
Time: 7pm

Do check out Laundry's website and Facebook page for more details.

November 09, 2013

ONE FC: Warrior Spirit tickets giveaway

MMA fans, great news for you guys!!

If you want tickets for this, read on.

Our very own Peter Davis and Saiful Merican make their return to the ONE FC cage in front of a partisan Malaysian crowd. Both of them are hugely popular for their fighting style and their bouts could potentially be battling for Fight of the Night honors.

On this night, Peter Davis will be going up against Alaa Mazloum from Egypt, while Saiful Merican will be going up against Tok Sophon from Cambodia.

Besides that, two of the top Middleweight prospects are also set to make their ONE FC debuts. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Leandro Ataides will be squaring off against Brayan Rafiq from France.

The main event of the evening will crown the inaugural ONE FC Welterweight World Champion. The bout features a battle between the top mixed martial artist to ever come out of Malaysia, Adam Shahir Kayoom, against Japanese slugger Nobutatsu Suzuki.

ONE FC: Warrior Spirit, presented by Tune Talk is happening very soon! Tickets are on sale now at www.AirAsiaRedTix.com. Pricing at RM348 for the complete VIP experience that includes exclusive red carpet entrance, access to the VIP lounge and premium cage-side seating. The categories that follow are priced at RM248, RM148, RM98, and RM48 respectively. Booking fees and service charges apply.

Event details:
Date: 15 November 2013 (Friday)
Time: 7pm
Venue: Stadium Putra, Kuala Lumpur

Fans around Asia can catch all the live action on STAR Sports. Check your local listings. For the fans around the world, you can catch this live action too via live streaming at www.onefc.livesport.tv. Main card fights will be available for purchase at just US$9.99.

For more updates on ONE FC, do:
- visit their website
- follow them on Instagram and Twitter @ONEFCMMA
- check out their Facebook

Now, for the moment you have been waiting for. How to win those tickets!!
I have five pairs of silver zone tickets (RM98 each) to be given away.
All you have to do is answer a simple question and email me at myodel@gmail.com the following:
- Answer for the question
- Full name as per IC
- Contact number
- Email address

The question is: When and where is ONE FC: Warrior Spirit gonna happen?

Easy right?? Hurry up and send in the answer to me now!!
First five will get a pair each! :D

October 29, 2013

Halloween Party at Laundry Bar with DJ Ono of Bangkok Invaders

The final Halloween week is finally here. Everyone has been going to various Halloween parties, spoiling themselves with Halloween candy, scaring their friends with all the pranks and Halloween masks.

(Disclaimer: not my pic, I grab it from google because they look so adorable)

Well guess what's happening at Laundry Bar @ The Curve for this whole week? For the first time in Malaysian F&B history, Laundry Bar will be transformed to a real life horror house. DJ Ono from Bangkok Invaders will be hitting the deck on 1st and 2nd November 2013 (Friday and Saturday), with Jin Hackman pumping the crowd alongside with him.

Like to scare yourself up with horror films? Here's something for you. Horror flicks will be aired on 8pm all week long starting 28th October 2013 for the Horror Movie Nights, along with a selection of special F&B menu to entice your thirst. They will be airing movies like The Conjuring, The Purge, Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Ed & Dale VS Evil. 

What's more? Stand a chance to win RM500 when you put on your weirdest, most creepy costume! Perks for being a lady? You'll get free flow all night long on 1st and 2nd November 2013 (Friday and Saturday)!

So who is DJ Ono?

DJ Ono and Bangkok Invaders have been part of many major events to hit Bangkok City. Opening Act for 50 Cent & G-Unit Tour 2006, Opening act and Official After Party DJ for Jay-Z and Rihanna Tour 2007, MTV Asia Awards Official DJ, Official After Party DJ for Black-Eyed Peas 2006/2007 Tour, Official After Oarty DJ for Beyonce World Tour 2007.

If you wanna know more details, do drop by their event page or FB page.

Happy Halloween~~ :D

October 05, 2013

Come join Converse for their Sneakers Get Loud Tour Finale!

Fans of Rock n' Roll, here's something awesome for you! Read on to know where you can watch live Rock n' Roll for FREE!

Recently Converse Malaysia has launched an online campaign and music video competition to support local talents and music scene. New talents are to be heard throughout the nation and Converse will be giving away up to RM20,000 in cash and prizes through the "How Loud Can You Get" video competition which requires bands and musicians alike to submit their videos and get voted by the community.

The top 3 highest voted bands will be playing live at the Get Loud Tour Finale this Sunday, October 6th 2013!

Converse Malaysia aims to bring free live music to the country with local talents. Converse Malaysia has already rocked Penang and Johor Bahru on 14th September 2013 and 21st September 2013 bringing the best of Malaysian live rock n' roll to the people for free and also a chance to provide their shout out to the cameras for the final campaign compilation.

Fans are being entertained at the chilly Penang Hill during the first stop for Converse Get Loud Tour Malaysia.

Do check out here to view the submitted videos for the competition.

And here come the details for it!

Happening at Laundry Bar, The Curve at 7pm this Sunday, 6th October 2013! 

Wanna know what to expect? Check this out:

See you there!!