October 31, 2010

No - No for Halloween club parties

So I went to Zouk KL yesterday night for the Halloween party. Saw some pretty awesome costumes actually. There were a lot of Joker, Chinese ghost, evil clowns walking around, Freddy, Super Mario, Mad Scientist, Batman, King and Queen of Hearts, Grim Reaper, and the most awesome I saw is one dude dressed up as the old man from KFC!

Had a pretty awesome night there actually. But then, some costumes accessories are just not meant to be used at a Halloween club parties. Everybody know it will be packed with people if the party is in a club. So, what i meant not appropriate, or should i say, not suitable, costumes accessories to wear to a Halloween club party are those BIG accessories. Still don't get what I mean? Here are few examples. (P/s: I'm not trying to offend anyone in this post okay? It's just my suggestion / opinion. Don't take it too hard.)

Witch Hat

You may ask, so what am I if I'm suppose to be a witch, but I can't wear a witch hat. Of course you can still wear it, but not recommended for people who are short like me. You will seriously poke someone with the edge of your hat without you knowing it. How did I know? Because one of the witches' hat almost poke my EYE yesterday night. So, on my opinion, yes, you can be a witch whenever you wanna be, but please, if possible, if you are short like me, don't be a witch. OR, you could choose to stay away from the more crowded place.


Be it fairy wings, butterfly wings, or angel wings. Yes, I know you wanna be a fairy or butterfly or an angel. Of course the wing is a VERY important accessory. BUT, it's not really suitable to wear it in a club party! Unless you don't walk through the already crowded crowds, else it's really super annoying with the wings HITTING every single person you walked by. I saw one girl actually closed and carried her wings in front of her when she walked through crowded places, that's pretty thoughtful of her. If you still insist on wearing your wings to a club party, you can choose either to stay away from the crowds or, like the girl i mentioned, keep your wings up when you go through the crowds. You can always wear it back when you are not in the crowds.

So, the two accessories which I've mentioned above is really a NO-NO accessories for a Halloween club party. It's definitely a YES if you are going to some other Halloween parties which are not so crowded and packed. But if it's in a club, definitely a NO. Trust me. You have no idea how many people are cursing you because of your Oh-So-Fabulous accessories which keep hitting their face / body.

October 30, 2010


Halloween is tomorrow!! So? Time to Party!! Well, actually we (Malaysians) don't really celebrate Halloween, do we? It's just another excuse / reason for us to party. Halloween is actually an annual holiday, which falls on 31st October. It is NOT a holiday for us, but it is a holiday for some Western countries.

I'm not gonna talk about the history of Halloween, you can very well google it up, or you can take a look here.
Most common things we heard about Halloween is children will dress up as ghost or whatever scary creatures, then they will go visiting house by house to collect treats (sweets / chocolates), then when they are at the front door, they will yell "Trick or Treats".

In this case, well, the dogs will bark i guess? Awwww... Aren't they cute? When you open up your door and saw this, I bet you'll go Awwwww too.

And I kinda accidently stumble into this interesting thing:

Ok, back to the topic. People will also have carved pumpkins at their front door as decorations. It's called Jack-O'-Lanterns. Click here if you want to know more about Jack-O'-Lanterns.


Sponge Bob and Scooby Doo Jack-O'-Lantern:

This is one VERY creative Jack-O'-Lantern:

This is dedicated to the guys:

Eat or drink too much and you might end up like that:

 Ok, enough with the pumpkins. Let's talk about party instead. There are a lot of Halloween parties happening on the 30th October 2010, Halloween eve.


Court Jesters > LOUD with GOLDFISH, BLINK and special guest XU

Evil Doers > FLAVA with DJs LUQE, RADZI + MC FENDI

Zhong Kui's The Legendary Ghost Catchers > F.A.B with DJs PIETRO, KEN + LEONARD T


Soothsayer > DJ SHAZZ

For more details, click here, if you are on Facebook. Or you can check out Zouk Club KL website.


 The path to temptation

I) Choose a character from the list below:

1) Innocent
- nothing good, nothing bad, your innocence is not a fad

2) Vamp
- your desire is to suck things lifeless, you're a night dweller
and that is not a curse

3) Devil
- you are the king, you are on top,
you are so evil, you can't be stopped

4) Witch
- fan of all things black, you're quite naughty
and thats not quite an act

5) Sexy
- nothing stops you from strutting your stuff in style,
if temptation is your name, then sex is your game

6) Star
- you are a star in the making,
decadence and elegance is your thing

II) Inform your cult group of ten or more

III) Call for reservation
Ezra +6012 978 4016
Alex +6016 216 8537

ALSO Free Make up Provided by Lexus Modeling Academy for guests From 6pm - 8pm, thereafter a minimal charge will be applied. 

SACRIFiCIAL of RM 69.00 for those NOT in a character.

Best dress group in a costume gets 5 bottles of True Blood Vodka

There's a Special Temptation Dinner as well.

For more information, click here


Time: 9.00pm till late
Dresscode: Superheroes & Vampires (but anything else Halloween-y is welcomed)
Fee: RM80 for men, RM40 for women

It's gonna  be FREE FLOW for this party.  There will be Special FX Make Up booth available there starting 8pm (Fees apply). And also Pre-party dinner. 

For more information, click here.


 MOS will be celebrating their 2nd Anniversary and Halloween on the same day! 

Dress up as anyone or anything and the Most Creative (female & male) and the Scariest (female & male) in costumes could win prizes worth up to RM15,000.

When: Saturday 9:30pm - 3.00am
Where: Main room
Who's spinning: Patrick Oliver & le funkt.studio
Door Charge: Ladies - RM35, Gents - RM45

For more information, click here.


It will be a 3D Halloween party themed Mansion in Transylvania. Guests would be given take-home 3D spectacles when they enter the club. There will be a Tattoo Corner set up by Hustla Ink from 9pm onwards where people can get real tattoos done at a 20% discount from the usual price.

Event will start by 9pm and ends at 3am.

Tickets are priced at RM50 for ladies and RM60 for guys. Both come with one free complimentary drink.

For more information, click here.

So, are you still staying home tonight instead of going to one of the awesome Halloween parties above?

Whatsapp and BBM

For all iPhone and Blackberry users, I'm sure you are very familiar with these 2 applications. It's an application which allows users to communicate with each other in text messages for FREE. Forget about sms where you need to pay per sms, use Whatsapp and BBM (Blackberry Messenger) , you can chat all day and night for free. It's kinda like MSN messenger actually.

I've just got my iPhone for less than a month, and I'm already addicted to Whatsapp.

Since I'm an iPhone user, so I don't use BBM, but the Whatsapp function is actually almost the same with BBM.

There's advantages and disadvantages for everything. Seriously, nothing is perfect in this world. The advantage of these two application is of course, you can send text message to your friend(s) (who also own an iPhone and/or Blackberry Phone) for free. It really helps you to save a lot, if you are like me for one, love to text people. I actually saved up a lot by using Whatsapp, because I really text a lot in a day. Now that I'm using Whatsapp, I can bug my friends even more *evil grins* AND of course to keep in touch with them at the same time.

Here comes the disadvantage of it. It's not really a disadvantage if you didn't over-used it actually. For me, since I'm so used to Whatsapp now, when I received a SMS, I'll type one sentence, and STRAIGHT AWAY click the send button. Then, I'll go %#@^##. So, please be careful not to over-used and over-depend on it.

October 14, 2010

TGV Cinemas 15th Anniversary

Happy 15th Birthday to TGV Cinemas! =)

In conjunction with their 15th Anniversary, there will be a special promotion on this coming Friday, 15th October 2010. From 3pm until 4pm (1500 hours to 1600 hours) on this day, you can purchase 1 movie ticket + 1 small popcorn + 1 small soft drink for ONLY RM15!! This is a 1 day only promotion, AND ONLY for 3pm movie slot. For those who are working, too bad for you then. For those who are not, what are you thinking? RM15 for a movie ticket + 1 small popcorn + 1 small soft drink is absolutely worth it! Normally you can only get a movie ticket for like RM12? Now you can enjoy your movie with popcorn and drink for ONLY RM15!

My all time favorite Caramel Popcorn =)

Well, promotions always come with Terms and Condition. It's only applicable from 3.00pm to 4.00pm on Friday, 15th October 2010. It's NOT applicable for 3D movies and also NOT applicable for any top-up for couple's seat.

Not only that! There are more~~!! Limited Edition Anniversary Merchandise are up for grabs too! There are only 1500 pieces, so get one for yourself before it's too late!

Add TGV Cinemas Facebook Group to get more of their latest updates and promotions. =)

October 02, 2010

TGV Happy Monday Popz

For all of you movie-goers and those who loves popcorn, TGV Cinemas is doing a promotion for their popcorn!

It's 40% off on the Regular Caramel Popcorn for the 1st Monday of the month! Which is coming Monday! So, get your hands on some popcorn and relax yourself for a OR some movies in TGV Cinemas! OR, buy it and eat it as a snack while you're doing your assignment, or homework, or studies, or anything you like to do. It's 40% off the normal price for Regular Caramel Popcorn!! What are you waiting for? Head to your nearest TGV Cinemas to get some popcorns while it's hot on coming Monday!

I'm craving for some Caramel Popcorn now just by looking at the picture. Emmmmmm....~