June 14, 2014

Can you handle meeting your exes on the beach?

If you have no idea what is that, read my first post on MTV's Ex on the beach.

If you're just too lazy to go there... here... is a picture which is related to it.

And lucky me, I get a sneak peak of the next episode! *squeals!

What happens is, eight single guys and girls thought they are up for a dating show. As the show goes on, their exes show up one by one. Check out their reaction when they see their exes walking up the beach!

I noticed that first impression is not so important when it comes to the exes walking up the beach. Imagine your friend's ex is walking up the beach and before that they were telling you how much of a bad news are they. And *bam* instant bad impression. Although some people are not like that, they will judge the person when they meet them in person instead.

Sneak peak starts here:

*of course I won't reveal all the details. Where's the fun if I tell you everything??

First off, Ricci, Vicky's ex have just walked up to the beach last week. And they did not talk face to face for the whole episode. And he, is out with a date with someone, someone he claims to be his best date.

Secondly, Liam get to choose a lady out for a date. Because of who he decided to choose, it makes everyone turns on him, and even got into a fight! Who did he choose??

Third of all, someone needs to leave the group :(

And last of all, Ricci and Vicky finally meet face to face and talk. What's gonna happen during that period of time? More fights?

Besides all the drama, of course there are some who ends up in happy ending :D

Do check out MTV's Ex on the beach Season 1 Episode 8 airing on 15th June 2014 at 10pm!


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