January 31, 2013

31012013 - Future Music Festival Asia 2013

After going for Swedish House Mafia - One Last Tour and We Love Asia, next one I can't wait to go is Future Music Festival Asia!!! Last year's was super awesome!!

Miny rant: Paid for Party Zone tickets for Swedish House Mafia, ended up the people from Chill Out Zone can just walked freely in and out of Party Zone. Seriously? I've been to so many raves, never had I encountered this kinda situation before. I don't see a point for paying extra. Not only that, according to the released set time, Swedish House Mafia's set should be at 10pm. My friend called me at 9:30pm, asking me where am I, and that Swedish House Mafia's set is on RIGHT NOW. I was like WTF? So I paid extra and got the same zone as Chill Out, missed the opening of Swedish House Mafia, and it ended at 11:30pm. It's the first time I've been to a rave that ended at 11:30pm. Don't get me wrong, Swedish House Mafia was awesome! But BOO!!! to the organizer.

We Love Asia was great too. I was there on the second day. RedFoo from LMFAO and Steve Aoki are the bomb! But one thing wasn't that good is, the songs played in between sets. The crowds were already getting high, and then they played some slower songs while keeping us waiting for the next artist. But it was still alright.

Anyway, back to Future Music Festival Asia.

Last year's FMFA was only a one day event, this year, it's back, and better. Why? Cause it's a two day party event! Kicking start with Armin Van Buuren - A State Of Trance on the first night. 

This is the full line up:

To be honest, I think that last year's line up was more awesome. Why the post suddenly got shorten? Saw the line up and I'm not so semangat anymore. Luckily Bass Agent, my fav will be playing on the second day tho. ;)

Anyway, here's the details for it:

When? 15 and 16 March 2013 (Friday and Saturday)
Where?  Sepang International Circuit

Haven't get your ticket yet? Head on to here to get it.
For more future updates, do "like" them on their Facebook page.

January 28, 2013

28012013 - Win tickets to watch ONE FC!

Remember my last post about MMA and One FC - One Fighting Championship?

Calling all MMA fans, are you ready for what's gonna happen this coming weekend!? Haven't get your tickets yet? No worries cause you read it right, I'm giving away 5 PAIRS of Silver tickets worth RM95 each!

So what do you have to do to win those tickets? It's super easy!

Step 1:
"Like" the fan page of One FC here.

Step 2:
First five people to give me any of the fighter's name will get a pair of passes. Easy right?? Please remember to include the following details so I could contact you if you're the winner:
Full name:
Contact number:
Email address:

In additional, one of the lucky winner will get one of these! A One FC T-Shirt and lanyard.

So whatcha waiting for? Hurry up and leave your comment here. Ask your friends to join too!!

Giveaways ends at midnight of 30th January 2013 / 00:00 of 31st January 2013.

January 22, 2013

22012013 - Free Pizza :D

Got to know about Pizza Hut giving out Free Pizza today from 3pm to 6pm from Henry.

I reach there around 3:10pm and there's a queue already.

Need to get the number and order my pizza first. I'm number 33 :D

After waiting for about 10 minutes, I got my pizza. 

Hello Free Pizza :D :D (Free lunch too)

It's a personal pan pizza. Mine is Pepperoni Delight. You can choose from Veggie Lover, Pepperoni Delight, Hawaiian Chicken, and Tuna Sensation.

Hurry to your nearest Pizza Hut with the voucher and you might still get it cause it's only for the first 100 customers of each outlet!

Here's the link for the voucher: http://pizzahut.com.my/pdf/free-ppp.pdf

January 20, 2013

20012013 - Stand a chance to win a BIG Ang Pow from Carlsberg!

Remember the last time I posted about the launch of Carlsberg CNY Campaign? Guess what? There are already 31 people who won the Big Ang Pow worth RM11,888 each!

One of the lucky winner, Khoo Siew Bee, picked up this HUGE ang pow after opening just one bottle of Carlsberg when she was out with her friends in Kuchai Lama.

The massive ang pow giveaways are part of a RM6.8 million consumer redemption promotion, making this the biggest Carlsberg Chinese New Year campaign ever.

There are 756 ang pows up for grabs, and the promotion has already put huge smiles on more than 100 lucky Carlsberg consumers' faces. Another 63 lucky consumers has won the RM1,188 ang pow during this promotion.

As what Soren Ravn, the Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia mentioned, everyone loves getting the ang pow. This is an opportunity for them to share good fortune with their consumers for the coming Year of the Snake and to express their gratitude for the consumers loyal support. This is also why they have increased this year's value of giveaways by close to RM2 million.

How to win you ask? Simple!
You just have to purchase one big (640 ml) bottle of Carlsberg or Danish Royal Stout or Asahi Super Dry at food courts, coffee shops, and hawker centres located across Peninsular and East Malaysia to participate in the redemption promotion. All you have to do is check the bottle cap liner to find out what you have won.

To redeem the RM11,888 and RM1,188 ang pows ( those with the 'CNY1' or 'CNY1' bottle cap liners), can call 1800-88-1847 and answer one simple question. For those with 'CNY3' and 'CNY' bottle caps can redeem their gifts immediately at participating outlets. 

Here's what you get with those bottle caps:
CNY1 - RM11,888 ang pow
CNY2 - RM1,188 ang pow
CNY3 - A big bottle of Carlsberg
CNY (have to collect 6) - A deck of Chinese New Year themed playing cards that comes with two collectible designs

The Carlsberg redemption promotion is until 24 February 2013, or while stocks last.

As what I've mentioned in my previous post on the 'Tree of Abundance' road show, with the theme 'Golden Entourage', it will be travelling to selected locations across Peninsular Malaysia, with Eight Fook Gods and lion dance performances. Consumers can expect to win more ang pows and other giveaways at the road show locations.

For more information on the Carlsberg road show, redemption promotion and other festive activities, you can visit their facebook page or website.

January 19, 2013

19012013 - Saturday randomness jam

As I was on my way back home just now,around 2pm, it was unusually jam. It is normal to have traffic jam around Bulatan Pahang towards Jalan Pahang. I have no idea why that place always jam anyway. Even at 11pm on a weekday. Usually in the morning, the jam starts from Jalan Genting Kelang towards Bulatan Pahang. And on the opposite side, only jam for a short distance from Bulatan Pahang towards Jalan Genting Kelang. The jam will be until the traffic light, where drivers take the left turning to Sentul. After that, the road will be quite smooth.

Just now, it was unusually jam from Bulatan Pahang, all the way till Jalan Genting Kelang. Initially I thought that there should be an accident up front cause there's a police car rushing through the jam.

End up, guess what's causing the jam?

Yeap. We were all directed to the most left lane because of this. Not forgetting that there are cars turning in from Gombak as well.

Good job yo! Malaysia Boleh!

January 18, 2013

18012013 - We Come, We Rave, We Love

Who's ready to party!!!!!??

It's happening tonight at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. Have you got your ticket yet? If you still haven't got it, what are you waiting for? GO HUNT, GO BEG, DO WHATEVER YOU CAN to get one cause this is a party you MUST NOT MISS!

If you have NO IDEA who are they, check out my previous post about them!

Tonight's line up:

By the way, they have a book about their Swedish House Mafia journey. Worth the read if you have the time and there's loads and loads of pictures in it. There are some fun facts on their favorite hotel, favorite restaurant etc at different places. It's called Until One. You can read it online here.

Oh! Oh! And they even have a documentary film. It is directed by Christian Larson, who also directed the music videos for Leave The World Behind, One, and Miami 2 Ibiza.

If you want a physical copy of it, you can check here.

So who's gonna save the world tonight???

Don't you worry child.. Swedish House Mafia will save the world tonight ;)

Love the acoustic version by John Martin :)

See you guys tonight!!

Next one, We Love Asia Festival. =)

January 17, 2013

17012013 - Dinner + Movie + Freebies :D :D

Before I went for The Last Stand movie, I had a quick dinner at Hokkaido Sushi, One Utama. Kinda rushed cause I reached there at 7:30pm and the movie starts at 8:30pm.

Soft shell crab temaki and Salmon temaki.

Wasabiller roll (The "eyes" keep falling down when I tried to take this pic :3)

Salmon sushi moriawase. 

After ordering I only realized all I've ordered is Salmon. But it was nice. I LOVE SALMON! Especially Salmon Sashimi. :D

Won The Last Stand T-Shirt from Churp Churp. And guess what other stuff I got from Churp Churp??

We Love Asia Festival 2 days passes!! Not 1, not 2, but 4!! I got it just by tweeting "I would like to meet Ferry Corsten at #WeLoveAsia @Churp2". You can get it too! Join Churp Churp now and find out how! 

We Love Asia Festival is happening this weekend. Have you got your passes yet?? :) Check out my previous post on We Love Asia Festival.

Before that, it's Swedish House Mafia - One Last Tour happening tomorrow!!! Are you ready? 

17012013 - We Love Asia Festival

Don't have plans for this coming weekend? How about partying at We Love Asia Festival?

Happening this weekend, yes, for 2 days of partying, 19th and 20th of January 2013 at Sepang International Circuit. 

What to expect, or rather, who to expect performing there are:

RedFoo of LMFAO and the Party Rock Crew
(Party Rock Anthem, I'm Sexy and I Know It)

Taio Cruz
(Hangover, Dynamite)

Yolanda Be Cool
(We No Speak Americano)

DJ Antoine
(Welcome to St. Tropez, Ma Cherie)

Steve Aoki
(Turbulence, Warp, Wake up)

Joachim Garraud
(We are the future, Wrecking Ball)

And... Ferry Corsten!

Check out this teaser video:

Doors will open at 5pm.

What? We Love Asia Festival.
Where? Sepang International Circuit

Haven't get the tickets yet? Fear not, you can get it from here. I've got mine, have you?

OR! Churp Churp is currently giving out 2 days passes, who knows you might be one of the lucky ones? :)

I'm helping my friend to sell out his tickets too. Do email me if you're interested. RM40 per ticket for 2 days pass. =)

17012013 - The Last Stand

The last stand, directed by Kim Jee-Woon (whom also directed The good, the bad, the weird) is gonna start showing in cinema starting today.

Yesterday I got to watch it earlier than many other people thanks to Churp Churp!

And I won a T-Shirt too!

It's an action + comedy film., lead by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yea, we all know he's old, but he still got the moves! Initially thought it would be a full action-based film, but found out there are some comedy element in it.

Just in case up till now you have no idea which film I'm talking about, here's the trailer for the film.

Expect a lot of explosions and blood, and more explosions and gunfire fights for this film. Not forgetting there's quite a lot of swearing in it too. It's bloody alright, but not SAW-ewwie kinda bloody. You can see blood splattering all over but not too much. Some how it just gave me the feeling that it's just the right amount of bloody scenes.

Love the shots showing how powerful the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is. "Faster than any chopper" as what one of the FBI officer said in the film. This is one beauty which I've fallen in love with throughout the film.

There are some parts of the movie where I'll be muttering in my heart: "You're a sniper!! Y U NO SNIPE!". I only noticed during the credits that it's directed by a Korean director tho, and it's actually pretty good.

At the end of the day, he is a very responsible sheriff that protects his town from ANYTHING or in this case, ANYONE.

Recommended if you're not looking for some hard core action-based film.

January 16, 2013

16012013 - Mama

Mama, a horror film directed by Andres Muschietti, produced by Guillermo del Toro (who directed Pan's Labyrinth).

Been wanting to watch this film, and I got to watch it last night.

I actually mistaken the actress in the movie, Jessica Chastain (who played Annabelle) as Ashley Greene.

They look kinda alike ok.

Anyway, back to the movie. If you have not heard of this movie. I'll suggest to watch the trailer first before you head to the cinema. Not for the weak-hearted.

The sound effect is usually the most important element in horror / thriller film. Sometimes it's not the image that spooks you, but the sound effect which they used that make it more intense. Even with complete silence and the occasionally sound of breathing is enough to tense you up.

In this film, I love the effect which was used especially during Luke's and Annabelle's dreams. It's kinda like those classic, old video tapes type of effect. Which reminds me of The Ring, ya know, the one where the ghost crawl out of the TV.

The ghost is quite Tim Burton like tho. The face and the entire body and all. Gloomy and sad. Well, she is a sad ghost anyway.

Story line wise, it's pretty interesting, tho it still kept me wondering why the ghost have to 'feed to survive'.

It's pretty scary (for me anyway) and if you need a scare at the beginning of the year, do go and watch. I was trying to cover my eyes most of the time, cause I don't wanna spook myself too much :( But then, although I'm scared, I still wanna watch it. Yes. That's me.

Before I end this, and before anyone wanna bash me or anything, it's MY opinions and MY views. It's normal to have a different view for other people.