September 29, 2010

iPhone 5

Yes! I'm not gonna blog about iPhone 4 since everyone is doing it. I'm gonna blog about iPhone 5 instead! So while everyone is still queuing up to get their iPhone 4 at Maxis or Digi centre, or already got it, well? How was it? One thing for sure, many people are selling off their iPhone 3GS for the "latest" iPhone 4. How did I know it? Because when I said I wanted to get myself an iPhone 3GS (Yea, i don't want the iPhone 4, so bite me!), everyone starts to ask me whether i want to buy their iPhone 3GS.

Before i start crapping more unrelated stuff, let's get back to the iPhone 5. Oh, and before you start to read more information below, please bear in mind that the following stuff may not be true, so please don't blame me for spreading rumors or what ever. I just got everything from other websites. From what i read from here, the iPhone 5 which is built for 4G, will be coming out in July 2011.

A few features of iPhone 5:
Thinner! With shiny glass back piece - 9.3 mm thick.
Face recognition
Face Time (Video Chat) access on 3G AND 4G
Custom SMS tones
Custom E-mail alerts with ability to assign different tones to each email address
A new, sleeker body design.
OLED screen.
Scratch proof and shatter proof screen
Wireless sync with iTunes
32G (basic) and 64G of memory. You're sure to never run out.
Extended battery life = 14 hours talk time on 3G and 7 hours on 4G. Standby 600 hours.
Hi Definition audio.
Messaging indicator light.
True GPS built in.

Above information are from this website.

And here, you can see the 20 most wanted features for iPhone 5.

I sure hope that iPhone 5 would really be THAT thin.

Or maybe something like that? Hmmmm....

Anyway, technology is growing day by day, no matter how the iPhone 5 is gonna looks like or what ever features its gonna have, there will always be something better which will replace it sooner or later. Everybody craves for something better. If not, there won't be some iPhone 4 craze happening right now, right?

September 26, 2010

Sweet Indulgence

Who doesn't like chocolates? Unless you are allergic to it, which is too bad if it really happens to you, I'm sure everyone likes chocolates. I have to admit that I'm a BIG fan of chocolates and I couldn't live without chocolates. I eat chocolates no matter what mood I'm having. Doesn't matter whether I'm sad, happy, emo, stress, etc etc. I like to eat M&Ms when I'm doing my assignments, helps me to think I guess. My favorite of all of course is M&Ms.

Emmm... Wish I could have that cake for my birthday. *hints

Ever heard from anyone telling you that, when you are sad, drink a hot cocoa or eat some chocolates, and you will feel less sad? Well, it's true. Chocolates produces endorphins which makes you feel happier and less stress. But i bet everyone knows that.

This is for the ladies, chocolate high heels! It's available at Gayle's Chocolates

Anyway, for the chocolates lovers out there, here's a great news for you. Malaysia Cocoa and Chocolate Day 2010 is here! It will be held on the 15th to 17th October in Mid Valley from 10.00am to 8.00pm. Check out their Facebook group page and also Malaysia Cocoa and Chocolate Day 2010 website for more information.

You want free chocolates? Go there la! I'm definitely going!

Oh, by the way, I have a Facebook group call I DON"T care that Chocolates make me fat as long as they can cheer me up :) Feel free to join it if you agree with me. =)

September 25, 2010

Memorable Penang trip

This will be the shortest blog post I'll write I guess. It was kinda rushing trip. Took a 3.30pm bus and arrived Penang around 8.15pm. Whole journey was kinda torturing for me cause I'm wearing my contact lens and I couldn't sleep with my contact lens on! Garh! So, all I can do is close my eyes for a while, try my best not to doze off, and then open my eyes again, and repeat and repeat and repeat. My leg almost got cramped in the bus cause couldn't move much.

Finally, arrived at the bus station. And then, took a 'cab' to Evergreen Hotel. Yea, wasn't really a cab actually. Just a dude standing near the bus station asking people to take a ride. Thought it was a cab at first. Walk walk walk. "Eh? how come passing all the cab already still haven't reach his cab one" Then only realize it wasn't a cab after all. During the journey to the hotel, was dead scared that I'll be fetched to some place else. Well, of course it didn't happened. After reaching the hotel, got the keys, rushed up to dress up, make up, this and that, and finally, took a cab to 7aste Monte Carlo at Mansion 32. This time, a real cab.

Reached there, look at the queue. O_O Managed to enter without queuing anyway. So, was walking here and there, enjoying the night. Realized that the Penang girls are so thin. As in really really thin. If you think I'm thin, well, they are much thinner than me. Then, there was this awesome violinist, and a female DJ, which I can't remember the name and couldn't really hear properly their name anyway. Oh! Not forgetting awesome Mr Zlwin Chew the mentalist. Was searching for the violinist and female DJ's name but couldn't find it, so hopefully they will be performing in 7aste Monte Carlo at Ecoba KL on 8 October 2010! So, what you waiting for? go get more details at 7aste Monte Carlo @ Ecoba.

Oh, and here comes the most memorable part for me throughout this trip. I kinda drank a bottle of beer empty stomach. Didn't really finish all actually cause my stomach was feeling weird after i drank about 80% of it already, so I decided to put it aside. So, I was standing there doing nothing, looking here and there. All of the sudden, this feeling of nausea and dizziness came to me. And the next thing I know, I almost black out! So I quickly walk towards the nearest chair and sit down. But the feeling of nausea and the dizziness still didn't go away. I took out my phone and text for help. Right after I sent out the sms, both of my hand becomes numb and cramp. Zlwin arrived just in time and shocked to see me like that. He quickly get me a glass of water and fed me cause I couldn't move my hand at all. The numbness and cramp spread until my leg. After drinking water, resting, and some hand massage, finally i can feel my hand again. I slowly spread my fingers and wiggle my fingers, massaging each finger as well. After some more resting, finally I'm ok again.

I was told by my darling, Ida, that my blood sugar and blood pressure should be too low, and also lacking of sleep will lead to this situation. So yea, that's what happened. But anyway, I'm ok right now, no worries everyone. So next time, if anyone of you got a sms from me with only the 4 letter - HELP, please do come look for me immediately, cause that's when the time I really need help.

September 22, 2010

Wall Street... Jalan Dinding

After 23 years, Wall Street 2 is back. Since i never watched Wall Street 1 before, so i don't know whether it's better or worst than the previous one. From what I see from the trailer, the storyline is almost the same. Wall Street 2 just continue from what happened at Wall Street 1. In case you are like me, have not watch Wall Street 1 before, here's the trailer.

Classic eh? It's a movie which talks a lot about money, shares, money, property, money, fraud, and yea, more money. It also tells what people will do when they have greed in their mind. And what they will do when it comes to money. Betrayal? Lies? Anything to get to what they want. From the movie, "Is greed good?", a book written by the character acted by Michael Douglas in the movie, Gordon Gekko, well, the title says it all. For those living in Wall Street, i bet they will say that greed is good. In this current world, well, everyone is greedy in a way. After they get this, they want more and more of that. But, i agree that greed is good. It motivates you to fight for more, work harder to get what you want. Greed exist in everybody's mind.

One memorable quote from Wall Street (1987) by Gordon Gekko:
Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures, the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge, has marked the upward surge of mankind and greed, you mark my words, will not only save Teldar Paper, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the U.S.A

And finally, love saves the day after all.

Please bare in mind that this movie is highly recommended to those that knows something about Economics, or at least know something related to the business world. For those who don't, like me, well, be prepare to fall asleep in the cinema.

September 21, 2010

Legend of the Guardians

Just came back from the movie screening of the Legend of the Guardians in 3D with the Advertlets bloggers at Pavilion.

Overall it's a pretty cool movie. It may looks like a children movie, but I actually like the effects and how the things are emphasize in the movie. A lil synopsis on the movie, it's about these 3 young owls, brought up by their parents telling them about the legend of the guardians all the time. The eldest brother among the 3 owls, Kludd doesn't believe in the legend, while the 2 other younger owls, Soren and the youngest sister believes that the legend is true. Because of Kludd's jealousy, Kludd and Soren landed themselves into the hand of the Pure One, and it's up to Soren to escape successfully and look for the legendary guardians for help. What happened to them? Well, go watch it and you shall know.

I love how it uses slow motion to show the intensity of the moves, and how it uses all the different shots for the whole movie. Uses a lot of close up shots so what is suppose to be focus on are focused on. The shots make it really exciting and breath-catching.

I'm so in love with the soundtrack in the movie now.
To the sky by Owl City (Yea, story of owls, and song sung by Owl City.)

Moral of the story? Always trust your instinct and believes in your dream.

September 20, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2

I'm sure everyone knew or heard or watched Paranormal Activity before. Guess what? It's back! Paranormal Activity 2! And it's scarier than ever. Just in case you have no idea what's paranormal activity, it's those not normal things that happen anywhere, anytime to anyone. Like ghost haunting your house or room or wherever. Or maybe some demon (which MAY exist) disturbing you all the time wherever you are. Now, I didn't said it's happening to YOU, ok? The YOU i meant here could be anyone.

So about this movie, it's gonna be released in US on 22 October 2010, so hopefully it is released here at the same date too. Since I haven't watched it, I don't know what's the exact story is about. I only know that it's related to a demonic experience by a baby. Yup! Baby! I can't wait to see it.

Anyway, here's the trailer, enjoy:

I actually don't dare to watch it even after finish loading it. I scroll down and only see half of the video, then i watch it again, this time in full, but with a BIG pillow on my lap, preparing to hide myself if something jumps out. Hahaha. But still, I wanna watch it in cinema!!!  Anyone?*wide grins*

Praying to the rain god is my new job

Why? Cause both of my fan are KO-ed aka dead. One wouldn't even move at all, the other one, can move, BUT, keep making very very VERY annoying sound (someone suggested that I should oiled it but I didn't, wonder if I can oiled it with cooking oil. Hmmm.) So yea, I've been sleeping with no fan these few days. When it rains, I will really go Woo Hooo in the room, cause my room will become cold for the whole night. When it doesn't, well.. I'll try to stay on the computer for as long as I can, because I have a Rowenta Artik table tower fan on my computer table.

And i actually have another working fan, which blows ONLY to my CPU. So why don't I use these 2 to blow at myself? For the tower fan, well, i tried, but it's not strong enough. LOL. And the wire is not long enough. So, unless I sleep the other way round, so it can blow on my head ONLY, then I'll use it la. But then again, what's the point if my body is sweating while the fan can only blow my head.

As for the other fan that blows ONLY to my CPU, well, like what I've said, the purpose for that fan is to blow at my CPU. If my computer also KO because of overheat, guess I'll rather die.

Dear rain god, please please please... rain tonight.. best is 1 hour before i go to sleep, and then rain until next morning. Puhleeaassseee....

OR... someone who is kind enough, please donate me a fan, pretty please? =)

September 19, 2010

Roses are red.... who say roses have to be red? There's white, pink, yellow.... etc etc

There are many types of flowers in this world. Most girls like to receive flowers no matter on what occasion. Of course there are exceptions. So why girls like to receive flowers? Simple. It's because they are pretty and they smell good, and they can instantly light up a dull room almost immediately.

On most romantic occasions like valentines and anniversary, a bouquet of roses are given to the girls. Why roses? I don't know. I guess it enhances the romantic ambiance for some reason.

Personally, I don't really like roses. But my Chinese name is related to rose. It's translated as, as beautiful as a rose. Sometimes I feel that my Chinese name resemblance me in a way. I'm not trying to praise myself by saying I'm as beautiful as a rose, but everyone knows that roses have thorns. Those who directly pluck a rose from a rose bush, well, if not carefully done, they will get scratches, or get hurt. So, I believe that, I'm a rose with thorns. From another perspective, thorns are a kind of protection as well. It can hurt somebody but at the same time it's to protect itself from being hurt.

Although most girls like roses, I like daisy the most. Just found out that it's scientific name is called Asteraceae. Don't ask me how to pronounce it. I have totally NO IDEA. And also, I just only knew that sunflower is under the same category. Oh my. My favorite flowers are daisy and sunflower. Love them because they are so colorful, and i love colorful things. It makes me happy when i see colorful things. 

See. Aren't they pretty. =)

September 18, 2010

Introducing... Lynicious!

So I've finally decided to blog. *blank* What to blog about ah? Seriously i also don't know. It just so happen that the urge to blog suddenly came to my mind. And I'm suppose to be thinking of a topic for my thesis instead of a topic for my first blog post. AH! I know! I'll start with an introduction of myself.

Why Lynicious?
My name ends with a Lyn, so that explains the front part. No, I'm not delicious, BUT I may look delicious, sometimes. Well, there isn't really a reason exist on why i use the name actually. Just randomly came out of my mind too.

I like to read books. Yup, it's true. Especially those about vampires, and I really do believe that vampires do exist in this world. (or maybe I read too much of books about vampires and watched too much of Vampire Diaries!)

For friends who know me, I club a lot. Normally, I'll be at Zouk KL every Friday and Saturday. And most of the time, I'll be at the dance floor swaying here and there or just stone there. I don't really like to drink, so a glass or 2 is very much enough for me.

For people who just know me, well, I'm actually quite quiet. I don't like to talk a lot. You can say that I anti-social or 'lansi' or whatever. I can talk a lot through the Internet, but normally those that just met me for the first time, well, I really don't talk much. But when we know each other for a longer period of time, I'll really talk a lot with you.

As for the rest of my details, it's for you to find out. Ask me if you want. I'll be glad to answer.