April 09, 2011

Falling in and out of love

A lot of people (or some people) always falls in and out of love very fast. Is it a new trend now? Or people are just getting used to it already. Love is something that till now, nobody can really understand and explains it.

You could have just met this new person. Get to know each other more. Next thing you know, you have fallen in love with this person. And if it doesn't go well, it will lead to heartbreaks.

After recovered from the heartbreak, the whole cycle will start all over again. Met this new person, blah blah blah.

There's this song I really love a lot, and I listen to it every now and then. It's call Buses and Trains by Bachelor Girl.

I think it's kinda related to many people, where you have fallen in love, and got your heartbroken. BUT, although you have got your heartbroken, you still wanna falls in love again. Here's the song, hope you all likes it too. =)