May 31, 2011

Nyan Nyan Nyan

Recently i'm addicted to this Nyan Cat music, thanks to Victoria.

And I was telling my bestie, hey! the Nyan cat looks kinda like your cat in your car!!

See!! Kinda look alike right??

Check out this 3d version Nyan cat :D

So back to the topic. Victoria and I were chatting about some random stuff when she suddenly ask me, hey, have you heard of this nyan cat thing? And i said, yea, i heard people keep saying nyan nyan nyan and i have no idea what is that. She googled it, and sent me this video.

At first, my reaction was the same with most of them. WHAT IS THIS ANNOYING THING / MUSIC??

Then i watch the original video of the Nyan Cat.

And yea. OMG. I'm addicted to it. And i went to this actual site of the Nyan cat, where it nyan for like, well, it never end. My record so far only goes up to 5000 seconds. Oh well, wait till i get my streamyx then it'll be longer.

See the "lower the volume" on the top left corner? DON'T click it. The more you click it, the louder it goes. But, after a few clicks, the background will go berserk. It changes colors and it kinda feels like it's trying to psycho you. Oh, and there will be a karaoke button at the right side after you nyan for some time.

And there's Nyan Cat Game.

The Nyan Cat Game for iPhone is not so nice tho. :/ You can get it for free from the apps store. Just search Nyan Cat.

Till then, nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan