October 10, 2011

Sweet dreams

Nope, this is not a post about a sweet dream i had. It's about a song i'm sure some of you had heard before.
It's by Eurythmics. Don't know who are they?

They are British pop rock duo, which was formed in 1980, but currently disbanded. The female member is Annie Lennox, while the male member is David A.Steward. For more information on the band, you can check out the wikipedia for the band, or their website.

I find it quite true about this song. Everybody is looking for something in this world. But at the same time, while we are looking for that something, we will use people, or being used by other people in order to get what we want.

As for the song, here it is, it's call Sweet Dreams:

Have a sweet dream, and all the best in getting what you want in life.