March 23, 2013

Future Music Festival Asia - A State of Trance & Hennessy V.S.O.P. Kyrios Launch Party

A quick update on the parties I've been to.

I was there!! I was there!!

Last Friday was my best night ever so far. 

It's Armn Van Buuren - A State of Trance. What more can I say. 

My friend dropped me at the entrance while he went to park his car (which is super super super far. I know coz we walked back to the car after the rave, and I think it took us like half an hour of walk. Luckily it's at night/wee morning, else pengsan coz of heat if it's during the day).

I bought the FMFA X Pestle & Mortar Crop Top at the merchandise stall while waiting for the others to come in. Support Pestle & Mortar yo! :p (no they didn't pay me to advertise for them lol)

Was so hungry while waiting for them, as I was sitting nearby the food stalls. EVERYTHING LOOK SO YUMMY WHEN YOU'RE HUNGRY!!

Finally I think around 8 they only came in, with W&W playing in the background. So I quickly grab a quick bite - lamb burger/sandwich thingy which cost 14 bucks >.< and head to the crowd.

After that, there's only one word to describe that 8 hours. AWESOME!

I didn't go on Sat tho. Too tired.

Thanks Jeremy for the pass and the pics.

My bodyguards of the night :D


And next is Hennessy V.S.O.P. Kyrios Launch Party which was at Butter Factory.

It's on a Thursday. So... can't really drink much. Although it's free flow. :(

All thanks to Benjamin for bringing me :D

When we enter, we were greeted by girls in their Hennessy uniform, and they sprinkle gold dust as we walked in. Ahhhh~~ suddenly felt magical.

Head up straight to the VIP/Media section. And the drinking begun.

Whole night was walking up and down, but most of the time I was at downstairs lepaking with my friends. Luckily my friends (different groups) are all standing at the same area.

Bump into many people that night. If I were to list down every name, it would be a long list. So let's just stick to I bump into many friends on that night :)

The following pictures credit to Samuel, Jackie, Mike, and Andy.

With Benjamin. Rawr!!!

With Jackie.

With Mike.

And this. Yea, I was a bit tipsy :p Thanks for this pic Andy. Coz I look slim, and my leg looks long XD

Conclusion, had a great night with friends throughout the night.