October 02, 2010

TGV Happy Monday Popz

For all of you movie-goers and those who loves popcorn, TGV Cinemas is doing a promotion for their popcorn!

It's 40% off on the Regular Caramel Popcorn for the 1st Monday of the month! Which is coming Monday! So, get your hands on some popcorn and relax yourself for a OR some movies in TGV Cinemas! OR, buy it and eat it as a snack while you're doing your assignment, or homework, or studies, or anything you like to do. It's 40% off the normal price for Regular Caramel Popcorn!! What are you waiting for? Head to your nearest TGV Cinemas to get some popcorns while it's hot on coming Monday!

I'm craving for some Caramel Popcorn now just by looking at the picture. Emmmmmm....~