October 31, 2010

No - No for Halloween club parties

So I went to Zouk KL yesterday night for the Halloween party. Saw some pretty awesome costumes actually. There were a lot of Joker, Chinese ghost, evil clowns walking around, Freddy, Super Mario, Mad Scientist, Batman, King and Queen of Hearts, Grim Reaper, and the most awesome I saw is one dude dressed up as the old man from KFC!

Had a pretty awesome night there actually. But then, some costumes accessories are just not meant to be used at a Halloween club parties. Everybody know it will be packed with people if the party is in a club. So, what i meant not appropriate, or should i say, not suitable, costumes accessories to wear to a Halloween club party are those BIG accessories. Still don't get what I mean? Here are few examples. (P/s: I'm not trying to offend anyone in this post okay? It's just my suggestion / opinion. Don't take it too hard.)

Witch Hat

You may ask, so what am I if I'm suppose to be a witch, but I can't wear a witch hat. Of course you can still wear it, but not recommended for people who are short like me. You will seriously poke someone with the edge of your hat without you knowing it. How did I know? Because one of the witches' hat almost poke my EYE yesterday night. So, on my opinion, yes, you can be a witch whenever you wanna be, but please, if possible, if you are short like me, don't be a witch. OR, you could choose to stay away from the more crowded place.


Be it fairy wings, butterfly wings, or angel wings. Yes, I know you wanna be a fairy or butterfly or an angel. Of course the wing is a VERY important accessory. BUT, it's not really suitable to wear it in a club party! Unless you don't walk through the already crowded crowds, else it's really super annoying with the wings HITTING every single person you walked by. I saw one girl actually closed and carried her wings in front of her when she walked through crowded places, that's pretty thoughtful of her. If you still insist on wearing your wings to a club party, you can choose either to stay away from the crowds or, like the girl i mentioned, keep your wings up when you go through the crowds. You can always wear it back when you are not in the crowds.

So, the two accessories which I've mentioned above is really a NO-NO accessories for a Halloween club party. It's definitely a YES if you are going to some other Halloween parties which are not so crowded and packed. But if it's in a club, definitely a NO. Trust me. You have no idea how many people are cursing you because of your Oh-So-Fabulous accessories which keep hitting their face / body.