March 04, 2011

Grow Cube

Recently my friend introduced me to this flash game. It's called Grow Cube.

The objective of the game, is to make use of all the 10 elements available, and make the cube grow into something. Each element will interfere with each other. Whichever element you choose, will indirectly affect other previous elements.

It starts with this:

A box like thingy. The 10 elements are at the side. There's a bone, water, a ball, a plate like thingy, some bushes, a clay pot, a tube, springs, human, and fire.

This is as far as i can get to:

Go have a try. And BEWARE! It's VERY addictive =) Enjoy!!

Click here for the game.

Tell me if you manage to complete it.

Someone already completed it and posted me the answer. So if you wanna spoil the fun, ask me for the answer. I don't wanna spoil other people's fun, so I've hide the comment =)

1 comment:

  1. # - Man
    # - Water
    # - Forest
    # - Pot
    # - Pipe
    # - Fire
    # - Dish
    # - Bone
    # - Spring
    # - Ball