February 26, 2011

Tips when you are in a Cinema or want to watch a movie

As everyone knows, cinema is a place for us to catch the latest movie (or not so latest cause some are released in other countries months ago), together with your friends and family. Add in some snacks and popcorns and drinks, PERFECT!

These tips, is for you people, to be careful. Of course it's also applied to any where else where it involves money transaction. 

First of all, when you go for movies, you'll need a movie ticket. If you didn't purchased it online, or booked online, you'll have to queue. 

First tip: Plan ahead

Doesn't apply to you if you're the type that are spontaneous. It's always better and more convenient if you have booked the tickets earlier, or better yet, purchased the tickets earlier (if you have credit card). You can avoid the long queue, and don't have to worry about sitting right in front of the screen. OR, if you don't want to book or purchase it online, you can always buy the tickets one or few days earlier, especially if you are planning to watch a movie on a weekend or during a public holiday.

Next, for those who don't prefer to book or purchase tickets online.

Second tip: Check schedule

Those who have a smart phone or internet access through mobile phone, check the screening schedule and be there earlier to queue. Get your tickets in the morning, because normally the queue in the morning is not as long as the queue in the afternoon or night (during weekends or public holidays).

Finally, you're there at the ticket counter.

Third tip: Check everything, double check again

Check what? Check the date, the time, the movie, and the seats. Is everything correct? Pay money, and you're off. HOLD ON!! Did you checked on the ticket price? If it's a ladies day, did the staff gave you the ladies price (if you're a lady, or girl, or female) or the normal price? Students, usually student price applies for movies before 6pm on a weekday (But not all movies tho). Last of all, how much did you just payed the staff? RM50? or RM100? How much is the balance that the staff should pays you back? Most common mistakes? Let's say your total ticket price is RM 22. If you paid RM50, you'll get back RM 28. Simple maths right? Look at the notes on your hand and start counting. Enough said. Oh! And always count your balance at the ticket booth before you walk away.

Fourth tip: Combos / Sets at snacks bar

So, you got your tickets, before entering the hall, you decided to grab a snack and a drink. If you're with your friends, get a combo or set. It's always cheaper if all of you share out instead of buying separately. If there's a screen at the counter for you to see what you have order, LOOK AT IT! It's not a decoration, it's for you to know what you have ordered. After finishing order, look carefully whether the order is correct or not. Look at the screen again, make sure there are no additional order that you or the staff left out. Oh wait! Did you order separately or combo? The prices for each and everything is listed on the board. Finally, double check you balance again.

Fifth tip: After finish movie

Yay! Movie finished, rolling credits. Stand up, walk out. Now, most of the people put their handphones in their pocket. It's actually quite easy to drop out. Always check your pockets, see whether your wallet, your phones, your belongings are still with you. You may never get it back if you dropped it inside the cinema. Either somebody who are dishonest is gonna pick it up and declare it as their own, or if you're lucky, you'll get it back.

The tips are pretty common, but most of the people just don't really bother about it. AND, there are actually hidden tips in it, don't really get it? scroll it up and read word by word. See what I keep mentioning from time to time. These are tips so that you people can enjoy better when you're watching a movie in a cinema, no intention of defaming anyone. I don't wanna get sued by some what ever company for defaming them