May 01, 2012

Sexy Corset Party @ Werner's Changkat

Do you like to shop online? Heels, dresses, tops, anything from top to toe, you can get it online. Just a few clicks and you’ll get your package, all in the comfort of your home. Recently, I was invited to A Sexy Corset Party with the theme “Candy Girl” at Werner’s, Changkat. It is a collaboration of, Corset Me, and Lovely Legs.

We were given 4 coupons that can be redeemed on that night, and another 2 where we can get discounts when doing online shopping at, and Lovely Legs. 2 for cocktails, 1 for a photoshoot session by Studio EightyEight, and 1 for a makeover by Beverlyn Ooi. But these vouchers can only be redeemed on that night itself tho.

Before the event starts, we were treated to some cocktails and some snacks as well.

After a short speech by Charmaine, we were taught on how to wear a corset, and how to maintain it by Jaycee. After that, we were given a chance to try on the corsets and leggings, and have our photoshoot taken right there.

A lil introductions on, Corset Me, and Lovely Legs.'s mission is to encourage ‘looking stylish’ with offerings from selected fashion designers labels (such as DressingPaula, Kheng Yu shoes, Corset Me, CouturechicS)  focusing on dresses as they believe in to be the essence of femininity, be it day dresses for work and play, sexy party dresses for a night out with the girls, classical cocktail dresses for elegant weddings and their very own specialty, the staple outfit to suit all occasions with great style, the iconic Little Black Dress.

Besides dresses, they also offer a special selection of casual tops / blouses, skirts, pants, shorts, and accompanying accessories such as bags, shoes and jewellery in line with what they believe to be stylish.
They are committed to provide the best customer service – personal style advice, timely corresponded and prompt delivery service (24-48 hours), 15 days returns, fair prices, worldwide availability, and free shipping.

The free shipping is available for:

-          All Malaysian addresses nationswide.
-          To Australia, New Zealand, SEA countries with a minimum spend of RM450.
-          To other parts of the world with a minimum spend of RM800.

Do check out their website here or their Facebook page.

Corset Me

A corset is a close-fitting piece of clothing that has been stiffened by various means in order to shape a woman’s torso to conform to the fashionable silhouette of the time.

How to wear a corset:

Always remember to unloosen the ties before you don on your corset or unsnap the front studs.

If it is front big hook, then aligned the corset and wrap around your body. The hooks are usually to be latched on from right to left stud. Start from the second last at the bottom and work your way up then only adjust the last hook. After that you can pull your ties at the back.

If it is the small hooks, it can be at your left side or in the middle. Best hook up from the bottom and not hook down. Keeping your fingers always tapered onto the edge of your corset and work your way up.

If it is zipped-up, just loosen ties and once zipped up pull your ties at the back.

If it is just a tie-up corset then loosen the ribbons with both the loop on either side tied in dead knot before you wiggle top down into the corset and finish if off by pulling the ties at your back.

If your friend is tying the ties for you, ensure that they do not tie you up too tight till you can’t breathe or that 
the corset fabric is overstretched as at a breath, you may rip the corset.

How to maintain a corset:

-          Hand wash the corset in lukewarm water with a mild non-biological detergent.

-          Rinse thoroughly.

-          No not wring but pat dry gently with a towel, then stretch gently to regain its original shape.

-          To dry, hang your corset horizontally across a coat hanger or back of a chair, or lay it flat on an airer. Dry away from direct heat otherwise your corset fabric may shrink.

-          Do not let it stay damp for too long as that will damage the steel bones or hooks or studs.

-          If necessary, apply cool setting ironing on the reversed side of the corset.

-          Do not risk on dry cleaning. After each wear, allow corset to air out for a while before hanging it back to the closet.

-          Corset are best worn over another slip, blouse, vest, top or dress to avoid having to wash it too often as that is not recommended. 

      Check out their Facebook page for the various selections of corsets.

Lovely Legs

Lovely Legs is an online boutique that offers quality women’s hosiery from around the world at affordable prices. Their hosiery is made from comfortable, durable material that fits many different body shapes and sizes. Most of their range is an easy ‘one size fits most’.

Their goal is to make every women that wears Lovely Legs, feels confident and sexy.

They carry a large range of stylish designs, including some unique one-of-a-kind pieces. Designs are carefully selected to keep in touch with the hottest trends around. Basically you can wear leggings whenever you want, be it as an everyday wear, sophisticated stockings for a big night out, or something glamorous to party.

New styles are released regularly through their Facebook page