September 05, 2012

Bad experience in Milan / Milano, Italy

It's been some time since I last blogged, and I can't believe that my first post after few months is this. I was in Milan and the police there is rude and unhelpful. The story is like this:
I was confused with their train schedule, and one 3 words sentence. So i went into the police kiosk/ station and one of the police saw me and walked inside, and another one was clicking away in front of the computer. Anyway, from the way he clicks, seems like he's playing some card game on the computer. So I said to him that I need some help. He glanced at me and continue clicking away until a minute or two later, he looked up to me. So I showed him that sentence and asked what does it means. Then the most epic answer I ever get is this: "you go out from here, turn left, and ask at the information counter". wow. So it's either he doesn't know how to translate it to english or he's racist. Seriously one sentence only, and can't even bother to help? 
And I thought last night Hostel California in Milan was the last of it. This hostel charged additional charges when we arrived and they did not state anything about the additional charge when we booked. 

Bravo Milan! Milan boleh! 

Here's what I think about Milan. Don't bother coming here. You can always do your shopping at Florence or somewhere else. And nope, no way I'm coming back here anymore.