August 21, 2013

Unbeatable 激戰

MMA fans~ here's something that might interest you.

Brought to you by Tune Talk, the sponsor for ONE FC Championship which will be happening in November, here's Unbeatable. Read till the end to find out what surprise I have for MMA fans. Don't worry, it won't be a very very long post.

Wee~~ free popcorn and drinks too :D

Unbeatable is a Hong Kong Chinese movie about MMA, directed by Dante Lam, starring Nick Cheung (张家辉), Eddie Peng (彭于晏), Mei Ting (梅婷). Here's something to get you started if you're still lost.

It's a drama film about mixed martial art, revolving around Nick Cheung and Eddie Peng. Eddie wanting his father to stand up from his bankruptcy, asked Nick to help him train so that he can go for the tournament. Nick was a champion last time, but because of something happened, he forgot about his passion for mixed martial art and the purpose of him doing it. Slowly he regained his passion and found what was lost. Still amazed me how Nick did his move during the final.

It is a pretty straight forward film, no puzzle to be solved, don't have to think so much. Suitable for family to watch, but not really recommended for kids as during the fights it is pretty brutal.

But it's true, never give up on your passion or whatever you like. No matter for what reason.    

Here's some extra info for you if you read my whole post.
Remember my previous post about MIMMA? Guess what? MIMMA Season 2 will be announced end of this year! Can't wait!