June 19, 2013

MIMMA - Grand Finals 2013

MIMMA grand finals which happened on Saturday, 15 June 2013 has finally crowned 7 champions according to the different championship bout.

Also present there is Youth and Sports Minister, YB Khairy Jamaluddin. Seen here with Tune Talk CEO and creator of MIMMA, Jason Lo.

Upon reaching the event venue, Stadium Negara, KL, the various booths outside the entrance.

Pictures of the fighters at the entrance

After getting my Media Tag.

Proceed to entrance, 2 girls handling out goodies bag (sorry I didn't take pictures of the chicks, I shy... :/ or rather don't feel like taking pictures of chicks). This is what I saw once I pass through the chicks.


Fight card at both side.

Take a picture here to prove that you're there.

Or you prefer to pose, fighting with our very own Peter Davis.

Go up the stairs, before reaching into the stadium, pictures of the fighters on my left and right again.

And......Ta daa~~~ 

Too bad this time I'm not gonna watch it live by the side of the ring.

My view from my seat.

Check out the crowds waiting for some action.

While waiting for the fights to start, gonna munch some Carl's Jr burger first. P/S: They are one of the sponsors :)

Yeap, we were encouraged to tell EVERYONE about it :) They even provided WiFi for us :D

Ding Ding!! Introducing the fighters!!

 I was watching the fights through this projection cause I'm too short :(

 Ok, enough of dragging. I bet you wanna know who are the champions right??

Here they are:

MIMMA Championship:

Flyweight Champion: Kenny Yap won via unanimous judges' decision.

Middleweight Champion: Jim Chong "The Believer" Jing Yi won via referee stoppage in Round three, 1 minute and 40 seconds into the fight.

Featherweight Champion: Keanu Subba won by knocking out his opponent in just 29 seconds.

Heavyweight Champion: Adrian "The Tuckman" Tham won via TKO in Round one, 2 minutes and 46 seconds into the fight.

Welterweight Champion: Ooi Aik Tong won by bringing his opponent down by doctor stoppage in Round 3, 1 minute and 8 seconds into the fight. Blood splattered out due to blood pressured at ear.

Lightweight Champion: Allen "Solomon" Chong won via arm bar submission.

Bantamweight Champion: Prabu "Superman" Somanaidu won via judges' unanimous decision.

ONEFC Superfights

Featherweight Champion: Edward "The Ferocious" Kelly won via unanimous judges' decision.

Catchweight Champion: Saiful "The Vampire" Merican won via unanimous judges' decision.

Lightweight Champion: Ariel "Tarzan" Sexton won via TKO in Round 1, 4 minutes 50 second into the fight.

More photos of the event can be found here.

What's next? Stay tune to my blog for updates :)