November 01, 2010

From stone to Jade

This is available in China. I got this online, and purpose of posting this up is to warn people about it. I shall not talk more and let the pictures do the talking.

These are all actually stones. Colorless solid rock.

Strong Acid and various radioactive chemical are used to soak the above stones for half a month.

After soaking in those chemicals for half a month, voilà !!  

Now, to add some coloring on it.

Then, it will be put into a high pressure vacuum plastic injection machine (kinda get it from Google translate as the original words are in Chinese, it's called 真空高压注胶机). And again, used a lot of toxic chemicals during the process.

The process takes a few days to be completed.

Now what do we have here. It doesn't look like stones anymore, does it? Looks exactly like Jade!

It's time for the final process, getting victims to buy the so-called Jade in the market. Market price will be around 70,000 to 80,000 yuan.

Moral of the story, don't buy something which you think it's way too cheap from the original price. You'll never know what you actually bought home. This so-called jade will eventually bring bad news to your body as it is full of radioactive and toxic chemicals. So please be careful whenever you go for a trip to China.


  1. i think malaysia also got plenty ler... hehe...

  2. I dunno la... never really encounter before. :S