November 11, 2010


At first I actually thought this is a movie about car racing. So I went Youtube to look for the movie trailer and I was like, "Oh?What the...." Ok, so it's not. It's a movie about aliens invasion. Before I start giving comments on the movie, here's the trailer just so you'll know what it's about.

Seems like a cool movie isn't it?
I thought it is too. At the start of the movie, everything is fine. It really does bring out the curiosity in you to know what exactly happened and how it happened. You can actually know what happened within the first 30 minutes of the movie.

The shots for most of the action scenes are good. Uses quite a lot of slow motion during the exciting scenes to show how the characters avoided the shots and all, and also when the helicopter slowly crashed down through the glasses. Uses quite a number of medium shots and framing so that we could focus more on what's within the frame, like when the aliens are scanning through the house with their tentacles. Quite a number of masking were used as well, as the characters uses the telescope to see what's going on outside.

As for the editing, on my opinion, it wasn't that smooth when it cuts to another day, especially the front part. Was pretty confused because it does not link with the previous scene at all. It just got cut off and all of the sudden, it's like watching another thing. Although superimposition are used to tell which day it is, but it's still pretty confusing.

Storyline, well, it's an alien invasion movie, so of course you'll be expecting lots of aliens invading the place, and yea, the characters have no other place to run to because the aliens are too powerful, and after the air force thought they kill the alien base ship, it actually can recover by itself. And the yea, as usual, the 2 main characters died the last. But never really expected the ending to be like that. *Do not read this part if you want to watch the movie* The alien that suck up the boyfriend's brain, actually got controlled by the boyfriend's brain instead. Means the boyfriend's brain has taken control of one of the alien's body and try to protects the girlfriend after they got sucked up to the alien base ship. The alien-boyfriend just shoved all the other aliens' tentacles away from the girlfriend and touched the girlfriend's face. Then the girlfriend realized it's the boyfriend. AND THEN, CUT! THE END! I was like "......" "What!? It just ended like that?" Seriously like hanging halfway.

This is definitely not a movie that worth watching. You can actually know the whole story by watching the trailer itself. The movie itself is pretty confusing even after watching the whole movie. Please bare in mind that it is my opinion on the movie. If you don't agree with it, it's fine, because everyone have different perception.

Moral of the movie: Don't mess with aliens, you have no idea how powerful they are. If aliens really do invade Earth, better kill yourself than let them torture you if you can't fight them.