December 19, 2010

Christmas present for guys

Christmas is coming soon. VERY soon as it's less than a week.

Those who are attached, especially girls, will be thinking hard on what to get for their partner. There's a reason on why I'm writing this. It's because it's kinda hard for us girls to get a present for guys. There are very limited choices. For girls, you can always get them jewelry, bags, clothes, lingerie, plush toys, or for some, gadgets and etc etc. For girls, there are way too much choices. However for guys, well, there's only perfumes, clothes, wallet, belt, clothes, gadgets maybe, and again, clothes, well, that's all i guess.

I've asked some of my guy friends what do they want to get for Christmas. Most of them replied me with all kinda gadgets like:




Camera (I like this! Hehe)

For those guys who are still single and adorable, well, they asked for chicks / gf / lover / partner.

Wulala~~ I'm sure every guy wants a hot girlfriend, but there's a limited of hot chicks on Earth. Here's a little tip for guys as Christmas present. If you guys really want a true and real girlfriend, DON'T just sit there and think "I wonder if she would go out with me" in your head, ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. There is no harm of asking, and who knows, she might say YES, right? If you just sit there and think to yourself, well, you already give a NO to yourself before even trying. So guys, be courageous. I did not ask you to just walk up to a random girl and say, "Hi! can I have your number?" Go do some homework by googling up some nice pick up lines, not lame one tho. (Etc: Have I seen you before?) Or get creative, look around you, I'm sure you can think of one easily. But of course, before you take action, observe carefully first before you approach. You don't wanna end up getting beaten up by some muscular bodyguards-looking bf.

Rawr! He's HOT! By the way, this is Tarik Kaljanac, the winner for Mister Universe Model 2010.

Anyway, girls, if you're still thinking what to get for your partner / boy friends, try looking around in shops that sell gadgets, OR you can still stick to same old clothes, perfumes, etc etc.

Merry Christmas everyone!