December 24, 2010

Christmas eve Google

Have you seen the Google Home Page today? There's a special layout for Christmas eve, which is today!

There's a total of 17 small pictures. When your cursor is on top each of them, it will enlarge each of the picture.

These are the enlarged pictures:

Go check them out. :)

Oh! And there's a fun way to spend your Christmas evening. By tracking Santa!

Instead of imagining Santa flying on his sleigh along his route, this Christmas Eve, which is today, you can watch Santa fly around the world by using the Google Earth Plug-in. To start, download Google Earth Plug-in here.

Start the countdown to Christmas Eve at NORAD website. There are holiday-themed games (a new one is released each day) and get updates from the North Pole as Santa prepares for his big sleigh ride.

On Christmas Eve, return to the NORAD website to track Santa using the Google Earth Plug-in.
For more tips and tricks to track Santa, see here.
Happy stalking Santa!! ;)
Merry Christmas!!