December 21, 2010

Creativity in Motion Part 2

Part 1 of the post, which is here, is more on brief introduction of the Creativity in Motion Fashion Show by LimKokWing University. In this part, there will be more pictures on the designs from the students. The fashion show was divided into 2 parts. The first part features the best collections across all semesters with a total of 36 garments. The second part features work from the 2010 graduating class collection featuring 26 pieces.

Amongst these are designs by Ainaidu Reylian from China (Chinese Musk Opera inspired collection), Michelle Ho Choy Tsin from Malaysia (Japanese folk art of paper folding, Origami), and Vivi Surya from Indonesia (Collection with the campaign statement related to cervical cancer).

Top models who graced the catwalk are Miss Sudan Tourism Queen of the Year Eva Luba Alfred Logne, MIFW model search and Miss Tourism International 2010 finalist  Gabrielle Ashley Boudville, and also upcoming female and male models from over 25 countries. All are students of LimKokWing University.

Eva Luba Alfred Logne

Gabrielle Ashley Boudville

*Pictures which are VERY clear, much thanks to other sources other than my iPhone. Those that are not so clear are from my phone.

Part one of the Fashion Show

Not forgetting the lovely emcee of the night.

Part 3 will have more designs from the second part of the fashion show.