January 16, 2011

The 13th horoscope / zodiac

According to the astronomers, there are 13 horoscope sign now, because of the earth movement. As to why there are changes in this, you can read here. But now, let us welcome, Ophiuchus.
If you are interested in horoscope, and want to know what's your new sign, see the table below.

Got this table from here

The new horoscope sign, actually cause a lot of confusion to people, especially those that really really very into it. Like, "Oh no! So I'm now a _______(insert new sign here), but I've been living my life as a _______(insert original sign here)! I can't accept it! :(((  "

Read it from the news about the confusion.

Based on the table, I'm now a Libra. Noooooo... I wanna stay as Scorpio! =(

What's your new horoscope sign?


  1. but Ophiuchus is an old sign.. it's not new... =P

  2. I Know it's an old sign la.. but then now ngam ngam added to the list ma :S