January 09, 2011

Paranormal Activity 2 - Movie Review

If you don't know anything about this movie, check out my this blog post first. The trailer for the movie is on that blog post as well.

Remember this couple from the previous Paranormal Activity 1? Katie and Micah.

Just in case you don't remember them, here's the trailer for Paranormal Activity 1:

The reason I mentioned this couple because they are related to this movie as well. It's kinda like before and after what happened in PA1.

Those who have watched the trailer, when you are actually watching the movie, I'm sure you'll be expecting some shadow, or some things that move by itself. It will be like you are playing spot-the-difference cinema version. During the whole movie, you'll be busy looking for something strange, or something which were not there before that but it appear after that.

This movie focus on another family. The female main character, Kristi is the sister of Katie from PA1. Kristi is married to Daniel, who already have a daughter called Ali. So, Kristi is Ali's step mom. Kristi and Daniel just got a new born son named Hunter. (awesome name! =)) And they also have a dog named Abby.

It all started when they thought that there are 'break-ins" in their home, so they installed security cameras around the house. It's different from PA1 as PA1 only uses one handycam to record everything, thus we can only view from one angle, which is from the room, or wherever Micah left the handycam. For PA2, we get to view more as more camera are placed around the house. We get to see what's happening at the living room, kitchen, swimming pool, front porch, front door, and also the baby's room.

A brief guessing on why the demon keep disturbing them will be reveal in the movie. Someone will be possessed. How that someone got possessed is super scary. With so many different camera angles this time, you get to see what exactly happen, unlike PA1, where you need to guess what's happening, and let your imagination do the work with all the screaming and stuff.

The sound effect is great, especially when there's no sound at all, and all of the sudden, *BOOM*. During the silence moment, I swear that you can even hear your own breathing.

As for the story line, for me, some part is kinda predictable, but of course not all.

Recommended to watch in the cinema instead of watching it at home. Because you need to "spot-the-difference". Bigger screen = Easier to spot =) Oh! And get a good seat right at the back, helps you to "spot the difference" easier.

Paranormal Activity 3 maybe? =)