September 20, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2

I'm sure everyone knew or heard or watched Paranormal Activity before. Guess what? It's back! Paranormal Activity 2! And it's scarier than ever. Just in case you have no idea what's paranormal activity, it's those not normal things that happen anywhere, anytime to anyone. Like ghost haunting your house or room or wherever. Or maybe some demon (which MAY exist) disturbing you all the time wherever you are. Now, I didn't said it's happening to YOU, ok? The YOU i meant here could be anyone.

So about this movie, it's gonna be released in US on 22 October 2010, so hopefully it is released here at the same date too. Since I haven't watched it, I don't know what's the exact story is about. I only know that it's related to a demonic experience by a baby. Yup! Baby! I can't wait to see it.

Anyway, here's the trailer, enjoy:

I actually don't dare to watch it even after finish loading it. I scroll down and only see half of the video, then i watch it again, this time in full, but with a BIG pillow on my lap, preparing to hide myself if something jumps out. Hahaha. But still, I wanna watch it in cinema!!!  Anyone?*wide grins*


  1. pun belum keluar!! LOL. I wanna watch!!!! RAWRRR

  2. this month tarak redeem spotlite. :(

  3. y not? i sudah tengok wall street, almost died in the cinema.. lol