September 21, 2010

Legend of the Guardians

Just came back from the movie screening of the Legend of the Guardians in 3D with the Advertlets bloggers at Pavilion.

Overall it's a pretty cool movie. It may looks like a children movie, but I actually like the effects and how the things are emphasize in the movie. A lil synopsis on the movie, it's about these 3 young owls, brought up by their parents telling them about the legend of the guardians all the time. The eldest brother among the 3 owls, Kludd doesn't believe in the legend, while the 2 other younger owls, Soren and the youngest sister believes that the legend is true. Because of Kludd's jealousy, Kludd and Soren landed themselves into the hand of the Pure One, and it's up to Soren to escape successfully and look for the legendary guardians for help. What happened to them? Well, go watch it and you shall know.

I love how it uses slow motion to show the intensity of the moves, and how it uses all the different shots for the whole movie. Uses a lot of close up shots so what is suppose to be focus on are focused on. The shots make it really exciting and breath-catching.

I'm so in love with the soundtrack in the movie now.
To the sky by Owl City (Yea, story of owls, and song sung by Owl City.)

Moral of the story? Always trust your instinct and believes in your dream.