September 19, 2010

Roses are red.... who say roses have to be red? There's white, pink, yellow.... etc etc

There are many types of flowers in this world. Most girls like to receive flowers no matter on what occasion. Of course there are exceptions. So why girls like to receive flowers? Simple. It's because they are pretty and they smell good, and they can instantly light up a dull room almost immediately.

On most romantic occasions like valentines and anniversary, a bouquet of roses are given to the girls. Why roses? I don't know. I guess it enhances the romantic ambiance for some reason.

Personally, I don't really like roses. But my Chinese name is related to rose. It's translated as, as beautiful as a rose. Sometimes I feel that my Chinese name resemblance me in a way. I'm not trying to praise myself by saying I'm as beautiful as a rose, but everyone knows that roses have thorns. Those who directly pluck a rose from a rose bush, well, if not carefully done, they will get scratches, or get hurt. So, I believe that, I'm a rose with thorns. From another perspective, thorns are a kind of protection as well. It can hurt somebody but at the same time it's to protect itself from being hurt.

Although most girls like roses, I like daisy the most. Just found out that it's scientific name is called Asteraceae. Don't ask me how to pronounce it. I have totally NO IDEA. And also, I just only knew that sunflower is under the same category. Oh my. My favorite flowers are daisy and sunflower. Love them because they are so colorful, and i love colorful things. It makes me happy when i see colorful things. 

See. Aren't they pretty. =)