September 18, 2010

Introducing... Lynicious!

So I've finally decided to blog. *blank* What to blog about ah? Seriously i also don't know. It just so happen that the urge to blog suddenly came to my mind. And I'm suppose to be thinking of a topic for my thesis instead of a topic for my first blog post. AH! I know! I'll start with an introduction of myself.

Why Lynicious?
My name ends with a Lyn, so that explains the front part. No, I'm not delicious, BUT I may look delicious, sometimes. Well, there isn't really a reason exist on why i use the name actually. Just randomly came out of my mind too.

I like to read books. Yup, it's true. Especially those about vampires, and I really do believe that vampires do exist in this world. (or maybe I read too much of books about vampires and watched too much of Vampire Diaries!)

For friends who know me, I club a lot. Normally, I'll be at Zouk KL every Friday and Saturday. And most of the time, I'll be at the dance floor swaying here and there or just stone there. I don't really like to drink, so a glass or 2 is very much enough for me.

For people who just know me, well, I'm actually quite quiet. I don't like to talk a lot. You can say that I anti-social or 'lansi' or whatever. I can talk a lot through the Internet, but normally those that just met me for the first time, well, I really don't talk much. But when we know each other for a longer period of time, I'll really talk a lot with you.

As for the rest of my details, it's for you to find out. Ask me if you want. I'll be glad to answer.