September 25, 2010

Memorable Penang trip

This will be the shortest blog post I'll write I guess. It was kinda rushing trip. Took a 3.30pm bus and arrived Penang around 8.15pm. Whole journey was kinda torturing for me cause I'm wearing my contact lens and I couldn't sleep with my contact lens on! Garh! So, all I can do is close my eyes for a while, try my best not to doze off, and then open my eyes again, and repeat and repeat and repeat. My leg almost got cramped in the bus cause couldn't move much.

Finally, arrived at the bus station. And then, took a 'cab' to Evergreen Hotel. Yea, wasn't really a cab actually. Just a dude standing near the bus station asking people to take a ride. Thought it was a cab at first. Walk walk walk. "Eh? how come passing all the cab already still haven't reach his cab one" Then only realize it wasn't a cab after all. During the journey to the hotel, was dead scared that I'll be fetched to some place else. Well, of course it didn't happened. After reaching the hotel, got the keys, rushed up to dress up, make up, this and that, and finally, took a cab to 7aste Monte Carlo at Mansion 32. This time, a real cab.

Reached there, look at the queue. O_O Managed to enter without queuing anyway. So, was walking here and there, enjoying the night. Realized that the Penang girls are so thin. As in really really thin. If you think I'm thin, well, they are much thinner than me. Then, there was this awesome violinist, and a female DJ, which I can't remember the name and couldn't really hear properly their name anyway. Oh! Not forgetting awesome Mr Zlwin Chew the mentalist. Was searching for the violinist and female DJ's name but couldn't find it, so hopefully they will be performing in 7aste Monte Carlo at Ecoba KL on 8 October 2010! So, what you waiting for? go get more details at 7aste Monte Carlo @ Ecoba.

Oh, and here comes the most memorable part for me throughout this trip. I kinda drank a bottle of beer empty stomach. Didn't really finish all actually cause my stomach was feeling weird after i drank about 80% of it already, so I decided to put it aside. So, I was standing there doing nothing, looking here and there. All of the sudden, this feeling of nausea and dizziness came to me. And the next thing I know, I almost black out! So I quickly walk towards the nearest chair and sit down. But the feeling of nausea and the dizziness still didn't go away. I took out my phone and text for help. Right after I sent out the sms, both of my hand becomes numb and cramp. Zlwin arrived just in time and shocked to see me like that. He quickly get me a glass of water and fed me cause I couldn't move my hand at all. The numbness and cramp spread until my leg. After drinking water, resting, and some hand massage, finally i can feel my hand again. I slowly spread my fingers and wiggle my fingers, massaging each finger as well. After some more resting, finally I'm ok again.

I was told by my darling, Ida, that my blood sugar and blood pressure should be too low, and also lacking of sleep will lead to this situation. So yea, that's what happened. But anyway, I'm ok right now, no worries everyone. So next time, if anyone of you got a sms from me with only the 4 letter - HELP, please do come look for me immediately, cause that's when the time I really need help.