September 20, 2010

Praying to the rain god is my new job

Why? Cause both of my fan are KO-ed aka dead. One wouldn't even move at all, the other one, can move, BUT, keep making very very VERY annoying sound (someone suggested that I should oiled it but I didn't, wonder if I can oiled it with cooking oil. Hmmm.) So yea, I've been sleeping with no fan these few days. When it rains, I will really go Woo Hooo in the room, cause my room will become cold for the whole night. When it doesn't, well.. I'll try to stay on the computer for as long as I can, because I have a Rowenta Artik table tower fan on my computer table.

And i actually have another working fan, which blows ONLY to my CPU. So why don't I use these 2 to blow at myself? For the tower fan, well, i tried, but it's not strong enough. LOL. And the wire is not long enough. So, unless I sleep the other way round, so it can blow on my head ONLY, then I'll use it la. But then again, what's the point if my body is sweating while the fan can only blow my head.

As for the other fan that blows ONLY to my CPU, well, like what I've said, the purpose for that fan is to blow at my CPU. If my computer also KO because of overheat, guess I'll rather die.

Dear rain god, please please please... rain tonight.. best is 1 hour before i go to sleep, and then rain until next morning. Puhleeaassseee....

OR... someone who is kind enough, please donate me a fan, pretty please? =)


  1. my house got 1 extra table fan.
    u want boh? pinjam u dulu. since my laptop is not with me. That table fan purpose is to blow my laptop as well. XD

  2. Haha. really? hmmm... mana ur laptop? nvm la.. gonna ask 'someone' to get me a new 1 :p

  3. my laptop with alex mah.. ehhee..
    just let me know anytime u need it. :D

  4. hahaha!!! yesterday my mom just ask people come build on the wall fan for me. hahahhahaa.. 1 stand fan not using, left the table fan seldom use. ;p

  5. yor~~ >.< now every nite sleep without fan.. damn torturing la.. every nite sauna wei..

  6. as I been telling, u need fan? tell me!