January 11, 2013

11012013 - Burberry Prorsum Runway Show Live

My favorite luxury brand has always been Burberry. Some how I just love their designs, probably because I like checks designs. (Oh that reminds me, I haven't got the time to get my Burberry watch fix :( )

Anyway, are you ready for Burberry Prorsum Autumn / Winter 2013 Menswear Live Show from Milan? It's happening soon!

12th January 2013
4:30pm Milan Time
(11:30pm / 2330 Malaysia Time)

Feels so exciting just by looking at the countdown timer!!

If you don't have the time to keep staring at the countdown timer, or scared you'll forget about it, you could set up a reminder email here just by filling up your name and email address.

In additional, you could order exclusive items from the runway directly after the show!

Check out their teaser here:

You can also have a look at their Facebook page or website if you're interested to know more :)

Weee~~ Can't wait! Another 28 hours to go!!