January 09, 2013

09012013 - Addictive Mini Egg Tarts 太子挞 @ 太子园 Taman Putra

Yay, finally I'm gonna write my first 2013 post. Yes, it's kinda late. But better than never. Nope I'm not gonna write about new year resolution etc etc. (Actually haven't really given a thought about it cause I'm too busy *cough excuse*)

Anyway, (Late) Happy New Year!!

I realize that I've been eating a lot lately. Especially this week. For example, like today. I ate 2 roti canai for breakfast. Nope I don't have a picture of this morning's roti canai, as I'm too hungry. However I do have a picture of roti canai which I had when I was in UK. It's the type that can be get at those Mediterranean shop, instant roti canai, all you gotta do is just put it in a pan and heat it up, and taa daa!

Opps, burnt a bit :p

Lunch I had pork noodle at somewhere near my work place. It's RM5. It was alright, but a bit salty tho.

And as for tea, I have mini egg tarts which I'm currently addicted to. It's called Tai Zi Ta (太子挞), mainly cause the shop is at 太子园 aka Taman Putra. The location is here. It's just a tiny shop, selling egg tarts, coconut tarts, pineapple tarts, kaya puff, siew bao, and various biscuits.

This is a small pack or 6, which cost RM 3.90.

 This is a pack of 10, which cost RM 6.50.

 Noms noms noms...

This is how small it is.

Bought these yesterday for my colleagues.

These are their mini kaya puff. 6 for RM3.90 also.

Will be heading out for dinner later. Wonder what's for dinner later. Hmmm...