January 22, 2013

22012013 - Free Pizza :D

Got to know about Pizza Hut giving out Free Pizza today from 3pm to 6pm from Henry.

I reach there around 3:10pm and there's a queue already.

Need to get the number and order my pizza first. I'm number 33 :D

After waiting for about 10 minutes, I got my pizza. 

Hello Free Pizza :D :D (Free lunch too)

It's a personal pan pizza. Mine is Pepperoni Delight. You can choose from Veggie Lover, Pepperoni Delight, Hawaiian Chicken, and Tuna Sensation.

Hurry to your nearest Pizza Hut with the voucher and you might still get it cause it's only for the first 100 customers of each outlet!

Here's the link for the voucher: http://pizzahut.com.my/pdf/free-ppp.pdf