January 16, 2013

16012013 - Mama

Mama, a horror film directed by Andres Muschietti, produced by Guillermo del Toro (who directed Pan's Labyrinth).

Been wanting to watch this film, and I got to watch it last night.

I actually mistaken the actress in the movie, Jessica Chastain (who played Annabelle) as Ashley Greene.

They look kinda alike ok.

Anyway, back to the movie. If you have not heard of this movie. I'll suggest to watch the trailer first before you head to the cinema. Not for the weak-hearted.

The sound effect is usually the most important element in horror / thriller film. Sometimes it's not the image that spooks you, but the sound effect which they used that make it more intense. Even with complete silence and the occasionally sound of breathing is enough to tense you up.

In this film, I love the effect which was used especially during Luke's and Annabelle's dreams. It's kinda like those classic, old video tapes type of effect. Which reminds me of The Ring, ya know, the one where the ghost crawl out of the TV.

The ghost is quite Tim Burton like tho. The face and the entire body and all. Gloomy and sad. Well, she is a sad ghost anyway.

Story line wise, it's pretty interesting, tho it still kept me wondering why the ghost have to 'feed to survive'.

It's pretty scary (for me anyway) and if you need a scare at the beginning of the year, do go and watch. I was trying to cover my eyes most of the time, cause I don't wanna spook myself too much :( But then, although I'm scared, I still wanna watch it. Yes. That's me.

Before I end this, and before anyone wanna bash me or anything, it's MY opinions and MY views. It's normal to have a different view for other people.


  1. *high 5* I also scare but still wanna watch. =/ And, it's not as bad as others say it is.

    1. covers eyes most of the time nia. haha. yea. it's actually not bad.