January 19, 2013

19012013 - Saturday randomness jam

As I was on my way back home just now,around 2pm, it was unusually jam. It is normal to have traffic jam around Bulatan Pahang towards Jalan Pahang. I have no idea why that place always jam anyway. Even at 11pm on a weekday. Usually in the morning, the jam starts from Jalan Genting Kelang towards Bulatan Pahang. And on the opposite side, only jam for a short distance from Bulatan Pahang towards Jalan Genting Kelang. The jam will be until the traffic light, where drivers take the left turning to Sentul. After that, the road will be quite smooth.

Just now, it was unusually jam from Bulatan Pahang, all the way till Jalan Genting Kelang. Initially I thought that there should be an accident up front cause there's a police car rushing through the jam.

End up, guess what's causing the jam?

Yeap. We were all directed to the most left lane because of this. Not forgetting that there are cars turning in from Gombak as well.

Good job yo! Malaysia Boleh!