January 15, 2013

15012013 - Weekend Pampering Session Part 2

Last Sunday, I've finally decided to have a hair cut after months of looking and cursing at my split ends. Ok, not exactly a hair cut, more like a trim cause I don't look good in short hair.

So, after the food pampering session on Saturday, I've decided on a hair pampering session.

I went to Team Hair Dressing Saloon at Setapak. It was my first time going there. I was attended by Ruyi, my hairdresser for the day. Quite a pretty chick from Perak :p (Found out when we were chatting for a bit during the hair wash)

Initially I just wanted a normal wash and cut service, which was RM36. Before the start of the hair wash, Ruyi asked me if I wanna use a shampoo which is for the scalp. I said OK as I know my scalp wasn't doing well nowadays. That is an additional RM8. I love washing my hair at the hair saloon as I love the head (and a lil bit of shoulder) massage which comes with it.

Then while rinsing my hair, she asked me if I wanna do hair treatment as well, as it's only an additional of RM24. I hesitated and asked her if they sell hair tonic instead. I've finished mine few weeks back and haven't get a new one. She said yes, they have, and in additional, she said it's better to do the hair treatment to clear everything clean, and it will be easier for the hair to absorb the tonic etc etc. So I thought about it for a bit, well, true in a way la, so I agreed to it.

While doing the hair treatment. 

After the hair treatment, hair rinsing again, and I'm back to the chair again. Then she proceed to trimming my hair. She did recommend me to kinda perm my hair a bit on the upper part of my hair to make it looked less dull. She gave me a trial one. Didn't really liked it tho.

This is the tonic she recommended me. It's from Redken, called Intra force treatment. Hopefully it's good. It's RM78 for 125ml.

My hair feels alive again :D (Excuse me for not putting on any make up. Lazy.)

Total damage: RM146 (68 for the cut, wash and treatment, and 78 for the tonic)

The address for the saloon is:
No 29, Jalan Prima Setapak 5,
Pusat Perniagaan Prima Setapak,
53300 KL.
Contact number: 03-40237653


  1. Fuahhh... so pampering hor... envy sei me lor >.<

    1. My last hair cut + wash was 3 months ago. LOL. hair like wild grass d :3