January 10, 2013

10012013 - Carlsberg CNY Campaign Launch

After eating a lot yesterday during the day, at night I was at Nine Emperor Gods Temple 九皇爷安邦南天宫 for Carlsberg Chinese New Year Campaign Launch.

The main stage 

Various CNY tidbits that went well with ice cold Carlsberg beers are available at these small stalls set up around the main stage.

These are the CNY tidbits available:

 Ting Ting Candy

Sticky Cake

Roasted Duck

 Barbequed Meat 

kueh kapit

Dragon's beard candy. (This is awesome! Only managed to get one and I put it straight to my mouth)

Besides the tidbits, there's also 2 stalls which displays Chinese traditional arts. One is traditional Chinese dough figurines.

And another one is Chinese paper cutting. They have cut out all the different zodiac for us to bring back as souvenir. 

mine :)

Furthermore, there's also a live Chinese orchestra in a small stage, playing the songs while everyone is enjoying themselves around with ice cold Carlsberg beer.

The event was emcee-ed by the lovely Lynn Lim 林佩盈.

With the Chinese New Year coming soon, Carlsberg scaled new heights by unveiling a one-of-a-kind 16 feet high 'Tree of Abundance' at the launch. Inspired by the money tree plant which is said to bring good fortune to all who received it, a symbol of wealth and prosperity, the towering, golden-hued Carlsberg 'Tree of Abundance' aptly symbolizes the brand's bountiful 2013 CNY theme 'May your prosperity reach new heights this Chinese New Year' (皇帽一开,百业盛开). Painted a rich golden shade, built on a solid metal base that measures 3.5 feet, there are 680 mock gold Chinese coins adorning the tree. A 'wishing fountain' is placed at the tree's base. 

This majestic symbol created by Carlsberg holds the promise of good fortune for the year ahead, particularly for businesses, families and those with careers. The generously proportioned Carlsberg 'Tree of Abundance' is an inspiration for consumers to strive for more and aim high during the year.

Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, commented that "In Malaysia, it has become Carlsberg's tradition to show how much we value our consumers by commemorating this important occasion in an auspicious and interactive manner." He also said that "The 'Tree of Abundance' abundantly adorned with mock gold Chinese coins is set to bring a bounty of wealth and good fortune to out consumers."

The dramatic unveiling of the Carlsberg 'Tree of Abundance' was received with much enthusiasm as it appeared from behind an elaborate ancient Chinese door. For added pomp and festivity, the unveiling was followed by the entrance of eight Fook Gods (Gods of Prosperity) and culminated with a riveting lion dance by multiple world-champion troup, Kun Seng Keng Dragon Lion Dance Association.

We were entertained by a 24-festive drums performance by JB drum team, which is oh-so-impressive! that i forgot to take pics of it, and also a face mask-changing performance by a beautiful girl name Pinky Loo.

The Carlsberg 2013 CNY Campaign promotion, the "Golden Entourage" is gonna reward their consumers with a whooping RM6.8 million worth of cash and other giveaways. It will commence on January 11 and continue until February 22. It will travel across Peninsular Malaysia only. In addition to the majestic Carlsberg 'Tree of Abundance', the 'Golden Entourage' will feature a brightly lit Carlsberg truck, 8 Fook Gods (God of Prosperity) and lion dance performance. A bounty giveaways awaits Carlsberg consumers who visit the 'Tree of Abundance' at various locations.

To participate in this, Carlsberg consumers will receive one crown cork per person which they will toss into a 'wishing fountain' at the base of the tree.

A coin box will be released from the tree trunk.

 In the coin box, there will be a Chinese New Year greeting messages for consumers. 

Some extra lucky consumers could also get any one of the following:
CNY1-RM11,888 giant ang pow
CNY2-RM1,188 big ang pow
CNY3-Free big (quart) bottle of Carlsberg
CNY4-One deck of Chinese New Year themed playing cards available in two designs.

I got a big ang pow too!

These are the stuffs i got from the event. Ang pow packets, playing cards, and a 8 GB pendrive!

The cute pendrive shapes of a Carlsberg bottle.

And last of all, some leng luis from the night.

Thanks Carlsberg for the lovely evening :D