January 13, 2013

13012013 - Malaysia National Featherweight Championship

One Fighting Championship (One FC) is organizing the National Featherweight Championship Tournament: Return of Warriors, and it's coming real soon, like in another 2 weeks time. Four of the top Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) prospects in Malaysia will battle it out in the first round of the tournament.

The two fights signed for this historic tournament are Raymond "The Rocket" Tiew taking on Melvin "Overkill" Yeoh, and AJ "Pyro" Lias Mansor squaring off against Jian Kai "The Headhunter" Chee.

According to the CEO of One FC, this tournament is to give these home-grown champions the chance to earn themselves the right to be called the Malaysian National Champion and rise to the top division as the number one contender.

MMA. So what is MMA? I only knew the existence of this last Thursday when I was invited to Muay Fit where they give us a glimpse of what MMA is. MMA is a short form for Mixed Martial Art. It is a blend of fighting styles and skills, where fighters could be more well rounded and balanced so that they could fight standing or on the floor.

Or, if you happened to watched Here Comes The Boom, that's roughly what is it about.

There are 3 ways to win. One is knockout, where one of the fighter got knocked down and unable to regain conscious, disoriented, or unable to intelligently defend himself anymore. Two, is submission, where a fighter gets his opponent to submit by using a choke hold or joint lock.

Here's a picture of Ben being choked hold.

And this is a picture of someone's joint being locked.

The last way of winning is when both fighters are still standing after the full duration of all rounds. This is when it is decided by the judges. Points will be given each round, and at the end of the fight, points will be added up and decision will be made.

We had a demo session by Peter Davis and Eric Kelly, showing us some of the moves. And after the demo session, there is a short Q&A session.

Peter Davis, who showed and explained to us the moves, is a Malaysian model-turned actor. He will be one of the fighters at the tournament as well and he would be facing Leo Krishna. You can check out his MMA stats here.

Eric Kelly "The Natural" , from Philippines, who were also involved in the demo, also will be in the tournament. He would be facing Honorio Banario. His MMA stats here.

Tony and Michelle got to try it too.

So I've been mentioning about the tournament a lot, I'm sure you'll be wondering when and where is it right?

It's gonna be at Stadium Putra, Kuala Lumpur. Happening on the 2nd of February 2013.

How or rather where to get the tickets? It is on sale now at www.AirAsiaRedTix.com. Tickets are priced at RM345 for the complete VIP experience that includes exclusive red carpet entrance, access to the VIP lounge and premium cage-side seating. The categories that follow are priced at RM145, RM95, and RM45 respectively. Booking fees and service charges apply.

However, if you're unable to make it in person, you can witness the action online via streaming at www.onefc.livesport.tv anywhere around the world, no matter where you are at. The first two undercard fights are available for viewing Free Of Charge and the main card fights will be available for purchase at just US$9.99.

For more information and updates, you could check out their website, Facebook page, and also follow them on twitter.

Before I end this, here's a little teaser ;)

Update: Stand a chance to win tickets to watch One FC here!!